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  1. Yes, you can. This is evidenced by studies of learning to write and even draw right-handed people who, as a result of a severe injury or amputation, could no longer use their right hand. After a while, most people managed to reach about the same level of skill as their right hand.

    The training time will, of course, depend on

    • basic dexterity of the left hand (there are right-handers who do nothing at all with the left hand, but there are those who have a left hand, although not leading, but sufficiently trained and agile),
    • learning intensity (there is, for example, the Handwriting for Heroes program, which promises that 6 weeks of intensive training is enough for a completely perfect development of writing with a non-dominant hand).
  2. Can. Write in class, in pairs, where you don't need to write very fast. It won't take much time, both hands are dear to you. The only thing to keep in mind is that Russian is the language of right – handers and it is more convenient to write from yourself than to yourself. And don't twist your left hand when writing, as left-handers often do. That is, the pen / pencil should be held in the same way as the right one, just mirrored. It is because of this idiotic twist that many left-handers write more slowly. Those who hold a pen in the same way as right-handed people write normally and quickly. You can buy a pen for left-handers, it will be a little easier, my favorite is stackillo, but I will not guarantee that it will suit you too

  3. I'm left-handed. Since childhood.The
    funny thing is that my mom and my dad have the main hand – the right one.�
    That is, they are both right-handed, the probability that two parents of right-handed children will be left-handed is about two percent. But, my mother was born in the Soviet Union, where, according to her, left-handers were retrained, so it was customary.�

    And now directly to the question, most likely, you can.

    Write something with your left hand every day. You can not want today, and tomorrow wake up ambidextrous-you will have to work, and for quite a long time – several months or even years. So, if you really want to learn how to use your left hand 100%, then you will have to train every day.

    Set aside time in your schedule to write with your left hand. 15 minutes a day is enough.

    The main thing is not to force yourself-disappointment and fatigue have ruined many great beginnings.

    Practice regularly and you'll get your way.

  4. Not so hard really. I was 100% right-handed for a long time, but once I broke my arm, hence the incentive to do everything with my left hand.
    In addition, I always wanted to learn two-handed, so for the next six months I did all the basic actions with my left hand. As a result, I am now more left-handed than right-handed, but the difference is small.

  5. In fact, it turns out very well, I already write legibly, and it took a little time, about 2 weeks, but the main thing is not to write every day, I advise you to start small, for example, try 2 days in a row and throw it for a week or two. If you start abruptly right away, it will be difficult to learn, because the more you write, the uglier it turns out, the easiest way is to write such phrases (I write slowly, strongly pressing, output each letter, or write quickly, weakly pressing) this encourages you to focus on your writing, followed by the second stage, keep a diary, write about what happened today, it is better to write on an album, it is very convenient, besides, do not focus purely on writing, I advise you to do this when you are watching a movie, and do not write with your right hand, this will make it easier for you. This is my opinion, that's how I learned to write with my left hand

  6. There is no reason to say that this is impossible, so it is possible. The time depends on the amount of time allocated for this(I apologize for the tautology). The most important thing is to train in it regularly.

    In 3-4 weeks, I was able to write relatively well with my left hand, but, of course, it was far from the level of the main hand. I was able to write legibly at a lower-than-average pace(the letters were not completely smooth, but close to it).

    How I studied: I tried to write phrases and looked at which letters cause more difficulty and began to write one letter, write it, write it… And so on

    If you spend half an hour or an hour writing with your left hand every 2 days(I did this on average), then I think that after 2 months you will be able to write very well with your left hand, and after three months there will be no difference at all

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