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  1. Most likely vision, because sometimes for me the sound plays a much bigger role, not the image. In a conversation, using intonation is much easier to understand the intentions of your interlocutor, while the visual effect can deceive!

    Even when I get to know each other, it is the voice that I first pay attention to: its genre, strength, pitch, and depth.�

    For me, sounds are something tangible that can be felt with the whole body.

  2. Of course, hearing, because 90% of the information we get from sight. I am an artist and it is very important for me to draw. I understand that I won't be able to listen to my favorite music anymore, which is also very important for me, but I will be able to watch movies with subtitles, I will be able to walk without a cane, and I will be able to see my beloved wife. That would be enough for me. And so, of course, it would be better if no one took anything from you.

  3. Of course, I would leave the vision – the amount of information is simply not comparable . The maximum that you lose without hearing is the majority of frequencies in music. After all, you can talk with signs, and you can learn to read lips. Reading again, no one canceled. And the music… if it's modern, I don't think I'll miss it too much 🙂

  4. I'd try to ask him why he would ever take anything away from me, huh.
    And so, most likely, hearing, because thanks to my vision, I get most of the information.�
    He should have called it the sense of smell. Here I have problems with it and getting rid of it is not as offensive as getting rid of hearing or vision.

  5. I'd give up my hearing. For I draw. I don't think I can do it without my eyesight. And also without hearing, you can safely watch serials with subs, enjoy the environment, and the sound is easier to reproduce in your head than the picture, as it seems to me. So, despite the lack of hearing, I can safely play and hum my favorite songs in my thoughts )))

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