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  1. If you are confused by the billion figure, then it is most likely taken from the ceiling. There are many theories that could have interrupted life on Earth. And the numbers are different.

    Most likely, in 5 billion years, the Sun will expand, turning into a red giant, and this will burn life on Earth. Until then, life is likely to survive at least in the form of bacteria. Bacteria are terribly tenacious! But eukaryotic life, and especially specifically the human species, can die much earlier.

    Then why do we live? Without a goal, and only the process itself is important? This is an interesting reason to think.

    And someone promised that it should be for some reason?

    It was the billion-dollar figure that made you think? If it were two billion or a thousand years, it would be clear why? Would something have changed?

    As for the goal, it doesn't look like the universe has any purpose. Biological evolution (in other words, life) obviously has no purpose. The goal is one of the abstractions that exist inside the human mind for convenience. At one time, Aristotle put the “goal” at the head of his philosophy and dragged it into science. But modern science has been able to cure this. Now science deals only with “how?” questions, but not ” why?”.

  2. It will stop much earlier, as all living things will gradually die and the sun will fade. I think we should wait for a meteorite, it will destroy all life on earth, and the earth as a whole.

  3. Don't you see it??? It's already stopped.To the old city of Odessa…knocking on the door!!! He reluctantly opens the door to those who have passed away…You have unpaid bills, an annual tax bill, you need to paint the roof,and you will appear at the prosecutor's office to give evidence…We've been here many times,and this is where you live??? Oh, my God, I'm begging you…is this life???? I think exhaustively.Life requires a sound measured format, competently alternating forms…various jobs, and the right rest!!! And not a stupid race, for constant payment of everything that is possible and impossible!

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