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  1. Definitely not. There are, of course, some correlations between musical taste and the level of intelligence, but the style of music affects this to the very least.

    In general, statistical studies show that people who like” vanilla ” meaningless quotes have an intelligence quotient lower than those who distinguish complete nonsense from “beautiful” text. What does this have to do with it, you may ask? Well, despite the fact that there are songs that consist of similar quotes and just don't make sense, but some people like it. Most often, of course, just because of the rhythm, they do not pay attention to the meaning, so to consider a person smart/stupid because of musical preferences is stupid in itself.

    So is there a connection or not? Like I said, no. None at all. Not a drop. Music doesn't affect your intelligence level in any way. But on the contrary-yes, the level of intelligence often directly or indirectly affects musical preferences.�

    You can also read about the refutation of the usefulness of classical music for intelligence. It's right here.

  2. Yes, people with a high IQ most often listen to matkor and similar genres, while people with a low IQ most often listen to easy-to-understand genres (chanson, pop music).

  3. Personally, I know people who are very smart, but listen to simple music, as well as very smart people who even create very simple music, and vice versa. There is no direct or feedback here. If you listen to avant-garde music, you won't get any smarter, and if you cover yourself with books on quantum physics, you won't get any other music either. But the quality of listening to music, how a person perceives this music, what thought processes occur during listening, this is a completely different conversation that goes beyond preferences.

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