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  1. I assume this is your internal clock.

    I had a similar situation in my youth: when it was very important for me to wake up at a certain time, I would wake up with a window of 5-7 minutes from the one set on the alarm clock (usually a little earlier).

    As a child, there was an even more interesting phenomenon: wristwatches were then rare, especially for children, but even without a watch, I could almost always determine the time with an accuracy of 15 minutes in sunny weather, and up to half an hour in cloudy weather.

    Such examples clearly show that:

    a) we have a very precise biological clock inside us, which can be synchronized with the usual ones

    b) conscious use of the biological clock is possible.

    I hope a psychophysiologist can describe the mechanics of these processes. I'm also curious about how it works. I suspect it's not easy.

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