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  1. If you take mild antidepressants ,then there will be no effects. It's like a dummy, the mood will not increase and nothing will change at all.

    And serious and strong tablets are available only on prescription and they cost from 2000 and above. And the most severe ones are given only directly during hospitalization, because they have many side effects and are taken only under supervision, and not on an outpatient basis.

  2. A healthy person will get sick:) from physical manifestations: “lethargy”, unclear thinking, possibly drowsiness, lack of interest and most of the usual desires. The degree of harm depends on the amount and duration of intake

  3. Depending on which category, you'll get a buzz from some of them, in fact it's a legal drug.

    Along with the high, there will also be typical drug problems-light addiction, and light withdrawal. If you take it for a long time, for months, then if you quit, the withdrawal will be severe.

    There may also be bad consequences after the first dose.

  4. Healthy? Depends on what you mean. Drowsiness is the maximum that can happen. They are also aimed at calming the nervous system. And, of course, high spirits and a state of “whatever”, but it's wonderful!

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