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  1. There is nothing more precious in the world than your own family. Mom, dad, wife, children, grandchildren. Well, other relatives. Therefore, the most important thing in my life is not to upset my loved ones with my sometimes unreasonable behavior. Don't create unnecessary problems for anyone.

  2. You've made up a question so cryptically and inserted such a glamorous photo that you might think it's a lure to get a bank loan.

    Therefore, I will answer you so that no more questions arise: all that a person considers the main thing in his life is compensation for his personal disorders. Life as a result of the evolution of matter over millions of years proceeds by itself and does not need anything important, until a person feels that he has encountered unsolvable internal problems that are unsolvable because they are not recognized by the individual. Then it remains only to invent other problems instead of them, which a person can solve and the solution of which, as it seems to a person, is necessary for him to justify his own existence.

    Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas…

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