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  1. You won't be able to do that. You don't need your thoughts, attitudes, and desires, which is why you lose them. You continue to lose yourself in yourself and in other people. If you are lost you have a chance to find it. If you are empty, you have a chance to fill up. “The use of a vessel is that it is empty…I lost everything and found myself.”�


  2. To do this, you must at least be yourself, realize this self, your difference from others, your irreducibility to other people's thoughts, attitudes and desires. In order not to lose yourself in the company of people, you need to have something not to lose.�

    And of course, each of us can be full of junk that needs to be lost as soon as possible (and away).�

    The ability to distinguish between what you can never lose (without which I am not myself), and what you need to quickly sweep out, throw out of yourself, is a big deal. The ability to accumulate in yourself (whether borrowing from the outside, building up from the inside) that precious thing that is a pity, painful and scary to lose is even more important.

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