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  1. Do you have anxiety? Unable to relax? Need to run somewhere and do something? In your situation, you need to understand, because the cause of “nerves” can be a bunch of factors, from physical to psychological, and it is better if a professional will deal with this. And guessing is pointing your finger at the sky. Alas, it seems to me that it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer here.

  2. first of all, find out for yourself the source of nerves. what is it that is constantly tugging at you that has so shattered your nervous system? any problems? do your best to get rid of them. constant tension will not lead to anything good-at best-a nervous breakdown, at worst-a clinic. take a rest, a break, maybe you are overexerting yourself. try to distract yourself with your favorite activity.

    as a last resort, change your attitude to the situation, look at it differently.�

    but in any case, do not delay!

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