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  1. Yes, it seems likely that you don't have enough opportunities in real life to assert your opinion and get aggressive. This can be due to both objective reasons (for example, your social status frustrates you or the environment consists of people who do not tend to respect you) and intrapersonal reasons (for example, you tend to feel that you can only get attention through aggression).

    Another likely explanation is that you have problems with personal boundaries, so any differing opinion feels excruciatingly like an invasion of your inner space or a threat to the contents of your own head / lifestyle / personal integrity.

    And finally: you can try to follow up, carriers of some specific opinions cause a desire to offend them or everything in a row. In the first case, there may be a psychological defense against some unwanted information – for example, you have a problem that these people are talking about, or you would like to be like them in your heart, or recognizing their right to a different opinion will entail the need to review some things in your life that cause great discomfort, and reviewing them will make previous suffering from them meaningless.

  2. There is.�

    For example, you perceive your own beliefs as an integral part of yourself, you identify yourself through a set of your beliefs. Therefore, you perceive any attempt on your beliefs as a threat to yourself personally, to your physical existence. And you start attacking or defending.�

    That is, you, in the process of your upbringing, to the unconditional reflex – the instinct of self – preservation-tied conditional: to react to someone else's opinion as a personal attack. You can and should get rid of this conditioned reflex, because it makes your picture of the world extremely one – sided, and your behavior is inadequate.

    Realizing that your beliefs are not you, that they can and will change over time, and as you learn and gain experience, is the first step on this path.

  3. As for why you are doing this , ask yourself first.

    But why you are doing this and not something more useful and interesting – everything is quite simple here.

    You don't know how to conduct a discussion, all you can do as a counterargument is insult the opponent.

    Learn to formulate and argue your point of view.

    Your opinion, if it is not supported by argumentation, is worthless. And your insults in response to criticism are worth even less.

    If you have an opinion, have the courage and brains to justify it. And if you are able to do this clearly and with dignity, then you will not have to insult your opponent, just present your arguments to show the weakness of his position.

  4. One of two things, either you really are a loser and are trying to assert yourself, or you just don't know the culture of discussion.

    Discussion (from Lat.
    discussioconsideration, research“) — discussion of an issue, problem; a type of dispute aimed at achieving the truth and using only correct methods of dispute management.

    An important characteristic of a discussion that distinguishes it from other types of dispute is reasonableness. When discussing a controversial (debatable) issue, each side, opposing the opinion of the interlocutor, argues its position.

    In short, you just don't understand the purpose of the conversation correctly. Winning it is not about imposing your point of view on your opponent (this is simply not possible in 95% of cases), but about understanding something new in the topic under discussion.

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