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  1. You don't need to name the state, but work with it )

    A person who is able to look at himself and his life as if from the outside is the dream of a psychotherapist who has been trying to do this for months from resisting patients.

    If you have such an ability, you just need to use it correctly. Learn how to look good in front of the camera. Edit the script. Become a director, finally.

  2. If a person really sincerely believes in this and cannot be dissuaded, then this is a psychosis with a combination of delusions of grandeur and persecution. Sometimes this belief that life is a directed movie or reality show is called the Truman Show syndrome, but this is not an official psychiatric term.�

    And in a healthy person, such a feeling of unreality of what is happening sounds like some kind of dissociation, but it's worth asking psychologists)

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