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  1. Tips like “stop whining” are funny and who offers them to you doesn't want to help, just wants to push their views, because if you knew how to stop suffering, you wouldn't ask. This is like a typical advice from a deputy with a salary of 200,000 to a pensioner, saying, don't just think about hunger.

    Now specifically on the question:

    The first option: find someone who understands you, or rather wants to understand you – this is the most important thing. Ideally, a professional, so to speak, “a doctor for cockroaches in the head.” But a person with strong empathy will also do.

    The second option: go even further-gather a club of like-minded people and suffer together.

    And ideally, combine that there is also your circle, and that it is led by someone who can listen to you, isolate the essence through your crying and convey it to you in your own language. And friends in grief are a huge moral support. As a result, it is easier to worry [point 2] and therapy goes [point 1]

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