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  1. I think these girls need the attention of society, they want everyone to know that they have someone to give these meaningless bouquets of already dead flowers to. In a word, for me it is a pseudo-landscape.

  2. I'll join the first answer and answer the second part of the question. Selfies with flowers are associated with people's intellectual abilities as well as any selfies in any way

  3. My friend can post a photo with flowers so that her new boyfriend can see that she was pleased with his attention. I can take a picture with lilacs or sunflowers on the background, because I really liked them. Once I took a picture against the background of a bouquet, because it was my first bouquet of flowers in 16 years and posted, although, of course, I could not post it, but scrolling through the feed, I see such memorable photos and I am pleased. If the photo does not carry the message “guys give me flowers, be envious!”, then I treat the girl normally and do not put any labels on her.

  4. The crowd effect plays a cruel joke on us : many girls take selfies with flowers, others also want to, because they are “no worse than this one”. The same theme with photos of just bought sneakers or with food.
    It is difficult to accurately assess the intelligence of such users. Horseradish understand, the photo was taken in honor of a long-awaited gift from a loved one, to annoy her friends, or because this is her favorite variety of roses..

  5. When posting a photo, whether it's a girl with a gift of flowers or a man with a new car, a person declares their status, which is determined by the subject of the demonstration itself.

    The society evaluates the value of what is displayed, compares it with its capabilities, and evaluates itself either at the same level of affluence, at a lower or at a higher level. At the same time, the reaction (respectful, condescending, admiring, envious) does not depend on income, but on the individual himself.

    Thus, a photo of this type is a public label of your status or involvement in it.

    Do not forget about the exceptions when the purpose of the photo was not to demonstrate the object of possession, but the emotions that it brought. And sharing your emotions is one of the needs of a healthy person.

  6. For such such individuals, there is even a business: renting bouquets and such nonsense just to take a photo. Nonsense and nothing more. And even it would seem that such a stupid business idea makes money

  7. Nothing! The flowers are simply too beautiful not to be photographed or photographed with them yourself)) Why search for meaning where it doesn't exist? Some people take pictures of their cars, some of their children, and some of their flowers. Everyone has their own interests.

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