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  1. And why do people like to dream and imagine at all? Someone will look here for some complexes of those who are deprived of life, but everyone dreams and imagines. This is a characteristic of human nature.
    Yes, it happens that a person plays out a certain situation in his mind in order to compensate for the mental damage in real life. For example, the boss yelled, and the person imagines: here he miraculously got a million dollars, bought a company where he has been working without prospects for many years, came to work and fired the director. I dreamed and it became easier.
    In most cases, a person dreams of going to another better world or changing their role in it. And not necessarily in the direction of “success”. A friend of mine, who is actually a successful person, financially able to fly every weekend to the United States, dreams of living as a taiga tramp. He even dreams of such a life. These dreams will never come true, and often the person himself would not want them to be realized. A forty-year-old single accountant doesn't become a young, beautiful princess in a fantasy kingdom, and a conveyor belt worker doesn't go on a pirate raid with Captain Kidd. But dreaming in this way is still useful and profitable. The fact is that we all play imaginary situations and dialogues in our heads. But some people can invent them themselves, while others passively content themselves with the products of literature, movies, games, etc.In this sense, people who are unable to invent such things themselves are in a less favorable position than the “imaginalists”. They need objects of the material world to stimulate the perception of the imaginary. And the “imaginaries” carry a movie theater in their head along with a film studio.

  2. I'm not a psychologist, but I think it comes from my childhood. Most of us, if not all of us, got bad grades in class at school age and then came up with excuses for our parents. Many, like me, depicted scenes of a conversation with the teacher in their faces – who said what and what…Later, for example, I started writing poetry, and a few years later I wrote 4 fairy tales in verse. That is, first I thought out the plot of a particular fairy tale in my head, and then I shifted the plot to poems. One fairy tale I have consists of several separate parts, connected by the main characters and the plot. When I finished writing the first part ( where the main character returns home)”I thought I was finishing a story.” It wasn't there….He was washed away by a wave from the ship and then new adventures began. And then the fantasy played out in earnest. Why am I doing all this? It's just that most people have a routine life – work, home, work again. And you want something more, so people come up with different situations that they do not have enough in life.

  3. I think this is a way to organize your own thoughts and one of the ways to conduct an internal dialogue. You can formulate your thoughts much better by telling someone else. But not all thoughts are worth sharing

  4. Well, first of all, they sometimes materialize and occur. It may not be accurate, but it does happen.�

    Secondly, it is quite a pleasant activity – to dream.�

    And third, sometimes in the process of such inventions, ideas for real things come up

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