3 Answers

  1. Yes:

    1). Krabs-greed

    2). Patrick is lazy

    3). Gerry-gluttony

    4). Sandy-pride

    5). Squidward-WRATH

    6). Plankton-envy

    7). And Spongebob himself is LUST, because he passionately loves everything and is ready to work without money!!!

  2. Well, theoretically: Krabs-greed, Squid-despondency, Patrick-gluttony, Plankton-envy Sandy-anger (but this is sooo far-fetched), Pearl-vanity( she did not want to go with Bob to people and other nuances). And it turns out that the square remained – lust. Maybe it is, but I just didn't watch all the episodes))

  3. Of course, the version is made up, and at the bottom it is very far-fetched. For example, there is Plankton, but there is no Mrs. Puff, Pearl Krabs, Fish in brown pants-in comparison, the same minor characters. If desired, you can also reduce cheburashka to biblical stories.�

    This is like the golden ratio effect of designers, they see it everywhere and push it, although from the point of view of mathematics, all this is banal, because it is everywhere and if you want, you can at least approximate something to it.

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