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    But I would like to point out that only decisions made by the council are decisions of the church. Statements of priests, even in such positions, if they are not clearly justified by conciliar decisions, remain private opinions. In this case, you can use the links to understand the rationale.

  2. I would not like to discuss the position of individual representatives of individual organizations, but we can say a few words about the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill”.

    If we do not go into the details of the Jewish interpretation (we are still modern people), remember the Christian “God is Love”, and also do not forget the call not to judge one's neighbor (which naturally removes the subject of discussing the execution of another person by one person), then we need to define the criterion of humanity for terrorists.

    A terrorist-is he a man or a beast? If we accept the second point of view, then the Commandment has nothing to do with the beasts. Everything is simple.

    As for the actual criterion, you can (for example) so:

    A person is one who recognizes the value of both his own life and the life of any other person and makes every effort to preserve it.

    If for someone the value of life (no matter its own or another) is zero or even negative, then we are looking at a two-legged animal. With all the consequences. It's too late to think about the Commandments. We need to act.

  3. to understand the commandment” thou shalt not kill ” given to the Jews on Mount Sinai , you need to turn to those to whom it is given – the Jews ,

    and not ask Christians who have no idea about loving one's neighbor or loving one's enemies, or about the commandments of the decalogue that G-d gave to the Jews and they are all written in the Torah.

    The commandment “thou shalt not kill” refers first to deliberate murder , whether one wanted to kill the other or was angry , such murder is punishable by death according to the law given to Jews by G-d.

    This law also applies if a Jew has killed a non-Jew – the Jew is sentenced to death based on the testimony of at least two witnesses.

    You can kill in war, or if there is a threat to the life of a person or his family, then try to kill first.

    If a robber came at night, he can also be slapped because when he came at night, the robber wanted to hide both his intentions and the fact that he was recognized , and so that he was not recognized, the robber can decide to kill

    Terrorists are murderers, they come to a foreign country and kill civilians, So Chaplin did not contradict the commandment “do not kill”here

    As for the gospel commandments-love, turn the other cheek, forgive everyone, etc. – these are all inventions of Christians, they not only can not understand what it's all about, but therefore they are not able to fulfill it and everyone complains-oh, we are so sinful, and very powerless and weak-hypocrites and blasphemers in one word

    G-d also gave the Jews doable commandments , and some of them – the 7 commandments of the sons of Noah, are given to observe everything else-non-Jewish humanity, The first of these commandments is the prohibition of idolatry, but Christians have big problems starting with this commandment, because Christianity is essentially a religion of idolaters

    And delusion in the main commandment leads to insanity in everything else,

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