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  1. 7 signs to determine that a man likes you:

    1) You need to take a closer look at the behavior of a man in your presence. A man in the presence of a woman he likes behaves completely differently. This is especially noticeable if there are also opponents around. Often this becomes noticeable in his gait. In such situations, a man tries to instinctively straighten his shoulders and raise his head.

    2) If a man is in a large company, he will try his best to attract attention to himself. However, among men there are a considerable number of shy people. Therefore, the main indicator of a man's sympathy for you will be his look. He will try to observe your reaction to him, and therefore will throw involuntary glances in your direction.

    3) Another sign that can betray a man is his voice. When a man is worried, his voice trembles; when a man is angry, his voice rises. However, when a man communicates with a woman he likes, his voice becomes low and velvety.

    4) In addition, a man can give himself away with gestures. There are gestures that are signs of sympathy. For example, when talking to you, a man may constantly smooth his hair, adjust his tie or collar. All these gestures indicate that the man is interested in you, and he is using such gestures on an instinctive level trying to make himself look like a proper person.

    5) Sometimes a smile does not indicate a particular attitude to another person. However, a sincere smile that expresses sympathy is immediately visible. Therefore, if a man feels sympathy for a woman, he will definitely smile at her in response. In addition, he will try to show his interest in every possible way.

    6) If a man expresses his sympathy to you, then there will be interest and respect for you in his gaze. His eyes will be wide open, and in his gaze you will not find hostility, there will be only kindness and a desire to understand the attitude towards yourself.

    7) It also happens that it is not possible to understand whether a man liked you after the first meeting. In this case, you need to monitor his further actions. If a man is interested in you, he will definitely look for meetings with you.

  2. In general, like this: he looks at you more often, especially in situations when everyone is laughing, it is in such situations that a person first looks at the object of adoration. Writes constantly not on business, says “just like that.” And why would he talk to you about abstract topics, if only he does not like you?�I take it you're interested in the way he can charm you, and yes, there are ways. More precisely, I know”only”one, but it's cool. In general, look defiantly into the eyes, believe me, it is memorable and causes a storm of emotions, try to work it out on the mirror. When a cute girl looks at you with rolled eyes, and even with a quiet shy smile-this is a red rag. It doesn't work? Did you work poorly? OK, what year is it in the yard? 2016, that's right. Try to roll it carefully. Even if you don't succeed, you still won't look like a fool, just reduce it to a neutral friendship. We live that time.

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