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  1. The first and most important thing that needs to be returned is the institution of Law. And first of all, in terms of compliance with the law by law enforcement agencies-from the police to the courts, and first of all the courts. So that the law is truly one for all and above everything else.�

    Then it is necessary to build anew other basic state institutions that were unfinished under Yeltsin and completely destroyed by the current government (and mostly replaced by a simulation): the separation of powers, both by branches and by levels, and the feedback of power and society.

  2. I would first of all introduce qualification robotic exams for legal capacity. And those who do not pass this exam get a curator who decides for them how to live, who to be, who to vote for.

    Otherwise, people with ephemeral ideas about responsibility have divorced and they choose how to live with their majority.

  3. First, for the sake of decency, it is necessary to at least ensure the turnover of power) Well, of course, not nominal, but real. Then you can even think about it

  4. Voters.
    First, massively cure them of alcoholism, then find out that it does not help, create a miracle, and maybe only after that it will somehow get better.
    But for now, voters are happily shouting krymnash and obamachmo…

  5. We need to add transparency in everything and an honest and independent court, as well as the presence of a civil society(and not a flock of sheep, as it is now).
    This will solve all the problems with corruption and add competition.
    As in Sweden, I saw a new car at a neighbor's customs officer – I wrote to the tax service. If your spending doesn't match your income, welcome to the bunks. If it's registered to my wife, check it out. If it doesn't match, put her in jail. Your mom is retired and has a three-story house for 15 years.
    The media saw that Peskov has more than an annual salary – on a bunk.
    Civil society should not allow anyone to breathe. Everyone should be held accountable for their misdeeds.

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