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  1. I don't keep a diary, because my memory is good, and my eyes get tired from a smartphone, so I don't use it much and never read on it.

    I read it on a book reader. I also select and save quotes there. This is very convenient: you can view the list of quotes at any time or open the page with the selected fragment. You can transfer the quote to a text file, or via Wi-Fi, i.e. without cords, to your computer.

    If the book is made of paper, I read it with a pencil.

  2. I was in a bookstore once, flipping through one of Michio Kaku's books, I think. And on the back, like so many books, was a mini-review based on a quote from John F. Kennedy that I keep replaying in my head almost every day: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or only to the present will undoubtedly miss the future. “

    If you take Wikipedia for a huge book, then I remember, read in a hurry, Hanlon's razor:

    “Never attribute to malice something that can easily be explained by stupidity.”

    And of course, Bernard Baruch's statement about Newton, which keeps me awake and constantly suggests thoughts of self-development.:

    “Millions of people have seen apples fall, but only Newton asked: “why?””

    These are the quotes and aphorisms that immediately came to mind)

    Most of the interesting phrases and quotes I take all the same from the songs)

  3. This summer I read Ken Kesey's book “Over the Cuckoo's Nest” and tagged interesting thoughts and quotes in it.
    Here is the one that I liked the most, it concerned the main character :�
    “You know, if you don't keep up, you hear a different drum.”

  4. I usually select it right away in the book . I do not like to read passively without highlighting or writing out any quotes , phrases , the same with TV shows/movies/various interviews .

    It is even necessary to make notes , it is necessary to build mental models .

    “Your brain is like a garden that you can take care of, or you can run it. You are a gardener and can grow your own garden, or leave it in desolation. But know this: you will have to reap the benefits either of your own labor or of your own inaction!”

    John Kehoe — “The Subconscious Mind Can Do Anything”

  5. I have a diary with short notes/quotes from the books I've read. A kind of mini-collection. I advise you to try, the normal theme turns out

  6. Here, for example, is what I kept from A. Cronin's “Brody's Castle”:

    “..- One of the girls in our class asked me if my dad could swim because she heard her dad say that James Brody was sitting in a deep puddle..”

    “..Flood your heart with joy..”

    “..Wow, what a rush, I haven't seen you run so fast since the day you ate unripe gooseberries ))..

    “..I've just had enough of the sausages and I'm afraid to risk them..”

    “..They carved a deep vertical line of hatred in the forehead between the eyes..”

    “..She was for him a bar on which he sharpened the already sharp blade of his rage..”

    “..As always, he believed that all the shortcomings of children from her, and all the advantages – from him..”

    “..Don't make me cry , I'm used to the dry climate, don't turn my new tie into a handkerchief..”

    “..You're a big man, of course, but you're acting like someone who got angry at his face and cut off his nose .”

    “..I'm leaving , and I'll be home when I get there..”

  7. I write it down all the time, a lot of it from Dostoevsky :

    *I don't accept God, understand this, I don't accept the world he created, the world of God, and I can't agree to accept it*

    * Stupidity is short and simple, but the mind wags and hides*

    *I think that if the devil does not exist, and therefore man created him, then he created him in his own image and likeness*

    I also really like the quote, from which book I can't even remember

    * No one cares how you feel when it's time to turn out the bedroom lights and be alone with yourself*

  8. I read mostly on my phone. I take screenshots of my favorite pearls, which I transfer from my phone to my computer. It's been like this for years. I rarely reread it, of course. But! At the same time, I keep a record of the titles and authors of books that I have already read. Books that I sooooo liked, I mark with exclamation marks. And I, accordingly, reread the quotes of those authors who have an exclamation mark.

  9. I have a folder with text documents. I start some of them for a specific book, others for specific topics, and also general ones, where I write down what cannot be attributed to special sections.

    For example, here are a few lines on politics and society:

    “A right that is enforced is always the right of the strong.”
    (Maurice Joly – A conversation in hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu)

    “If you don't want people to get upset about politics, don't let them see both sides of the issue.”
    (Ray Bradbury – 451 degrees Fahrenheit)

    “Fortresses are most easily taken from the inside”
    (VKPb history)

    “The crowd's judgments are always imposed on it and are never the result of a comprehensive discussion. But how many people there are who do not rise above the level of the crowd in this case! The ease with which certain opinions are sometimes disseminated depends precisely on the fact that most people are not able to form a private opinion based on their own reasoning.”
    (G. Le Bon-Psychology of peoples and masses)

  10. Einstein was once asked: “How can you not be afraid to forget a brilliant idea, if at the moment when it appears, you will not have a pen and paper at hand?”

    Einstein replied: “A brilliant idea comes so rarely that it is not difficult to remember it.”

  11. Don't consider it an advertisement. But I use the bookmate app. There, when reading a book, you can select the desired phrase and save it. You can also add comments to the phrase book, and they appear on your wall in your profile.

    In general, I carry a notebook in my pocket. Sometimes I write down some thoughts.

    Diaries are kept by crazy people, I think, but fragments of phrases or even short poetic sketches are very pleasant to read in a year or even a week.

    Try it, and marvel at the power of your own thoughts.

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