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  1. There is an opinion that a variety of elementals are quite alive, and in some ways reasonable. This is manifested in the ideas of light and dark spirits of the terrain, forests, winds, streams, mountains, etc. Santa Claus is a pretty good example. It is now he is a fairy-tale wizard, but our ancestors perceived him as a winter frosty spirit, and even sacrificed girls (snowmen) to him. The modern homo-ration will say that primitive savagery and lack of education are to blame for this, but the most sophisticated guys (like me) know that this is not the case. Nature-trees, seas, and their depths, various layers of the atmosphere, deserts, swamps, jungles-all this is alive in the fullest sense of the word. All this thinks, feels, and knows about you when you come to visit. So be respectful and considerate of any creations of the Lord, even if they are just blowing in your face.

  2. I have no connection with any religion, so I answer based on my delirium in my head. It seems to me that there must be something so abstract that makes all beings are drawn to life, evolve, etc. Maybe this inner craving for development is the spirit, the soul of nature, something like that.

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