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  1. A little off topic. I think that it is much better (more useful) to search for meanings than to categorically declare that there are none. In addition, it may well be that such an applicant does not have a proper thinking apparatus.

  2. Most works don't make sense. But there is a message. People want to find answers to questions in fiction, but they don't find them. Good literature is the pinnacle of creative thought, which feeds the spirit, and if the consciousness goes in the right direction, then the actions of a person will be maximally justified and conditioned internally. But it doesn't answer the questions. Alas!

  3. “The Catcher in the Rye” is a book about a teenager who hates the whole world, absolutely does not know how to behave and considers himself right. There is, in my opinion, a good chance that Selinger is just making fun of his behavior. It is a pity that Americans and not only see deep meaning in the banal book about the transition age. However, you can also listen to Dmitry Bykov's lecture about Selinger, he will explain it to you better.

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