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  1. This is when you don't know how to do it, but you do it anyway. And you find a way to do it in the process of doing it.

    Sometimes you don't even know what task you're solving.

    When you can't answer the question, what are you doing? You're wondering what. I'm just doing this to find out what I'm doing…

    When both the viewer and the author are performers.

    Creativity is the meaning of a person's life, but a person does not know about it. A person thinks that the meaning of his life is to enjoy consuming everything that someone else has done-created.

    Everything in this life is created by the creators. But the creators in this life are a tiny percentage. The rest are consumers.

  2. In my understanding, creativity is the inspiration expressed by the process of creating works of art by a master. The master, in this case, can be either a child or a person recognized by the world. Complete uniqueness, and of course, artistic value will be the crown of creative research, if the work of the master touches one or many souls! ❗ ❗Examples of creativity from the heart You can rate here creativity from experts

  3. Oh, that word can mean thousands of things. Well, if you take the most common understandings, then I remember these:

    1. Creating something that didn't exist in nature. God created the world, but Leonardo da Vinci created art and inventions that didn't seem to exist in nature before him, so he also called himself a creator

    2. Synonym for the words “art” and “artistic activity”. “Here is my work (poems, songs, paintings, sculptures, films, etc.)”

    3. Creativity as self-expression (from the previous “creativity=art”)

    4. Creativity as an action is not based on a template. When a person finds a way to do the same thing as everyone else, but better/faster/ than the general pattern, or just in a different way. Or when they encounter a situation where there is no template or it doesn't work and they have to invent something new.

    This includes ingenuity, inventions, the creation of a new artistic technique, genre, style, etc.

    1. Creativity as the discovery of new information. Scientific discoveries, discoveries of a new mood of some kind, a new idea, etc. — this is here, however, much of this can also be attributed to point 4.

    If you want to learn more, you can read about it here.

  4. For me, this is a way to transfer all my childhood traumas and internal conflicts to the canvas, without thinking about what other people will say about it. The only place where your imagination is not limited to absolutely nothing, where you can be completely yourself without restraining social factors. You just go into your own world and watch a movie there, and after a few hours you “wake up” and see what your hands have drawn during this time. And this is a very cool feeling, piszhe any alcohol or drugs. Get creative, friends, creativity is cool, youth-friendly. The main thing is to have something to talk about, let's just say. Good luck 🙂

  5. Husky Fool

    “What is creativity?
    It's when ten fools watch one squirm…
    What is creativity?
    It's when ten fools watch one squirm…”

  6. The meaning of creativity is that in it each person finds his own meaning, which is not like the rest. For some, this is self-expression, a way to relax, a way to communicate with the audience, or the meaning of life. There are no artists who create in the same way. Therefore, it is clear to answer the question ” what is creativity?” impossible. Everyone sees it differently. And everyone puts their own meaning in this word.

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