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  1. We are nobody, going from nowhere to nowhere. We have never been, are not, and will not be – we can always be. We are what we could be if all of this really existed. But we are not, have not been, and will not be. Never, forever. It's all a dream. It's all a dream.

  2. Living – going from right to left,

    those who received life as a gift and passed it on,

    grounded, upwardly aspiring,

    nobly naked and ill-dressed,

    enlightened by darkness, blinded by light…

    And we are disturbed by a riddle: Still, where are we from? Who are we?

    PS. In the 20 hours that have passed since posting these six lines of their own in response to the Dfytz 1 question related to their personal attitude to the famous painting by P. Gauguin, a quarter of those who visited this public (8 out of 32) have condescended (=humiliated?) to the point of waiting in proud silence for my answer… Truly ,” the street writhes without language”!: (

  3. Where are we from?
    the theory of evolution – we are on earth and appeared.
    Religious theory – someone created us.

    Everyone chooses what to believe.
    Who are we?
    There is no doubt that we are representatives of homo sapiens, which is part of the hominid family.
    What are we aiming for?*
    We strive to know life, what was before, what will happen then. We strive to make life better, but it is a pity that only for ourselves.

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