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  1. For me, the philosophers and sages of the East are the closest to me. This is a collective image consisting of a whole range from unknown authors and Zoroaster and Lao Tzu to Buddha and Moisei. These sages answered all the questions of the present society and explained the essence of life on planet Earth. If you follow their Path and their advice, the world would have been Paradise long ago! But Man is the greatest of all mysteries and is so unpredictable that he doesn't know what he's doing. With respect.

  2. Aynd Rand. It sings of the best that is in a person, and renounces all the worst. While other philosophers like to play with these concepts, manipulate them, give them different meanings or deprive them of meaning at all, Rand says clearly: this is white and this is black, this is strong and this is weak, this is life and this is death.

    “I am. I think. I want. My hands. My soul. My sky. My forest. This is my land. How can we say more? These are the most important words. This is the answer. I'm standing here on top of a mountain. I raise my hands and spread them out. This is my body and my soul. I finally understood. We wanted to make sense of it all. I am that meaning. We wanted to find an excuse for our existence. But the excuse is myself. I don't need an excuse or approval. My eyes see, and they give the world beauty. My ears hear, and a song sounds in them, My brain thinks, and only it will be the ray that illuminates the truth. My will chooses, and its choice is a decree to me, the only thing that I respect.”

    “'Why, I can,' replied Midas Mulligan, when asked if he could name a man worse than one whose heart knows no pity. “A man who uses self-pity as a weapon.”

    “Failure to recognize reality always leads to disastrous consequences.”

    “On earth, nothing is given to man. Everything that it requires must be produced.” ©

  3. The philosophy of postmodernism with its possibilities of mashup and acceptance of chaos is the closest to me.

    Therefore, I will insist that there is not and cannot be one close philosopher.

    On the shelf right now are the twins Marcus Aurelius, Baudrillard, and Wilbur.

  4. It is very possible that this is the mainstream, but the philosophy of existentialism, with reservations! J. P. Sartre actually said that a person needs to learn to live in the absence of meaning in life, and only in the face of the meaninglessness of this world can he become truly strong. This is by no means pure pessimism and decadence, but rather the ability to cope with it. This sounds relevant in connection with the instability of life, when it is difficult to find any support, life changes too quickly.

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