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  1. No, it can't.
    They can go into internal emigration and not participate in public events, including elections.
    But it somehow falls under the existing legislation.

  2. Sure. There are people for whom the goal of life is not to feed the state but simply to live their own life and not public. I can live in the state and not include news if I'm not interested in it. Do not vote, do not protest, do not pay any attention to the state at all except for the line “I follow the laws and you guarantee my rights”. Why not?

  3. Being apolitical is easy. You just need to avoid getting involved in conversations about politics because they are boring, spiteful, and empty-mouthed. And also to have simple anesthesia from attempts to bombard your consciousness – why didn't you go to the rally? ! Do something you love and don't pay attention to anything.

  4. For example, the last presidential election in Ukraine. Citizens of the country – Ukraine, with Ukrainian passports, while in Russia, were not able to vote either at the Embassy or at the consulate, and polling stations in the Russian Federation were everywhere closed by the leadership in Kiev. At the same time, the Constitution of Ukraine itself states::

    Article 70. Citizens of Ukraine who have reached the age of eighteen on the day of holding elections and referendums have the right to vote in elections and referendums.

    Citizens who are declared legally incompetent by a court do not have the right to vote.

    ElectionsArticle 71. Elections to State and local self-government bodies are free and are carried out on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage by secret ballot.

    Voters are guaranteed free expression of their will.

    In all countries where there is a Ukrainian embassy, “able-bodied Ukrainians” could vote in their country of residence. Everywhere except in Russia. Thus, the citizens of Ukraine are available, but were excluded from politics in full, by the decision of the leadership of their country exclusively. On the basis of what norms of the Constitution, Ukrainians are divided into citizens of the first and second class in Kiev – it is not known. It is not known exactly how many citizens were “left out” of politics.

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