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  1. 50% of people's illnesses are caused by their own thoughts about it. Even cancer. We have no idea what powers we have. With our thoughts, we can both kill ourselves and heal ourselves. You can never imagine the bad things-illnesses, misfortunes. Even once is enough to start a negative process in your body or in your life. Think only of the good things. Believe that everything will only go well. And repeat this more often to yourself or alone out loud. Then it will be so. Health to all!

  2. 100% it can happen and even irrevocably.
    The only option and way out is to work on self-control and reprogram yourself for the fact that I am healthy and not ill with anything
    I'm not offended by anyone
    Do healthy things and actions
    Create your own hobbies and interests for the future, so that you don't have to live a boring life.
    – learn to play the guitar by
    yourself 🎸 – the piano 🎹
    – the accordion or accordion.
    – write poems
    – stories that happen to you.
    – To help others
    – To be kind
    -There is nothing not to be shy about, but modesty should remain a little bit.
    – Write your own wishes 🌠 and goals up to 100.
    – Go to learn from the one that is closest or what you reach more with your hands.
    – Do gymnastics
    – learn to sit on the splits.
    – Create a menu of healthy food that will give you strength, not inhibition.
    Such a complex can lead from such a sick state to a healthy one.
    That's it.)

  3. Hello.

    Yes. A person can inspire himself with a disease. I had a story about how I wound myself up and actually developed symptoms that were characteristic of this disease. But the fact is that these symptoms, according to my observations, were not real.

    For example, a person thinks that his leg is twitching. And she will really twitch if he (the person) will desperately wind himself up and seriously think that she is twitching.


    If we are talking about real diseases(and here we are talking about this), then here I would answer: no. Scientifically speaking, no.

    The virus can't get into the human body if it winds itself up so much. After all, in this case, the virus cannot read a person's thoughts and voluntarily enter the victim's body. The maximum that can appear in a person is the symptoms that our dear brain itself “makes”.

    Conclusion: a person can only suggest symptoms of the disease, but not the real disease.

    Sources: my brain.

  4. Yes, quite, if you strongly believe in something, you start to find confirmation of it. You read articles about a bad illness, got scared, look for symptoms, suggest in every possible way that not everything is in order and what is amazing-you find, as a result, you wind yourself up specifically, you are already morally unwell and you start projecting some problems into reality. No wonder they say that all diseases are caused by nerves, in the head.

    Another interesting point, in school / institute, when a person is ill, in most cases, he stays at home, goes about his business. That is, if I get sick, I get a day off, which I can safely spend on TV shows, games, bed events, etc. as an alternative to studying, it turns out to be sick is good. The brain remembers this moment and each disease is perceived as a kind of rest in essence. As the years go by, this idea remains and carries over into adulthood. Now a person is working, engaged in some projects, then-oops, I got sick and according to the standard, I need to lie down, I won't go anywhere, I'll take sick leave, projects to hell, I can't, etc.The brain perceives the disease as a weekend, as a result – loss of time, resources, departure from schedule.

    So you need to be careful with your thoughts.

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