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  1. You definitely need to see a psychologist.

    The very idea of such retraining is quite controversial (you now have a clear neurosis, as if you are right-handed, and you are being retrained to be left-handed by force). But at least this can be discussed in some way, understood, found pros and cons, and so on.

    But how obsessively you achieve it, while pursuing a purely speculative, fictional goal and sacrificing your health – this is already a cause for concern.

  2. Dear anonymous user. Ask yourself the question: why are you mocking yourself?

    The answer is simple – you don't accept yourself as you are. Your self-changes have taken the form of a fixed idea, that is, they have become an obsession and without taking into account the benefits/harms.

    You have so narrowed your mind on this super goal that you forgot to ask that people who are close to idel are ambidextrous.

    This is a very rare feature when a person has both hands equally developed and are leading. For example, piano teachers chase ambidextrous children, because these children can be turned into brilliant performers.

    You, instead of developing both hands and using them both depending on the situation, chose to forbid the right hand to be the leader, that is, you deprived yourself of one hand, and you can't force the other to become the leader. This is a conflict in the soul and in between the hemispheres of the brain.

    Your brain gives signals about erroneous behavior, but you stubbornly lead yourself to a mental disorder.

  3. Retraining the natural lefty back to the left hand is fraught with problems, but I would not give up on this, you need to carefully monitor yourself and do everything slowly and gradually. It is best to find a specialist psychologist and / or speech pathologist who can help. Don't think of it as a mission, it can be seen as an interesting exercise that, with the right approach, will return your left arm to the extent that it will be possible to take into account the retraining. Unfortunately, re-learning in childhood is very bad for the health and development of the child and the subsequent re-learning is even more stressful, but I think an adult can gradually restore the functions of the left hand, taking his time and constantly analyzing his condition.

    I myself faced the same problem, and I have been doing the same thing for more than a year, with the help of a psychologist and books on the topic.

  4. I think that once you have started, you should not give up this business halfway and need to relearn. After all, it is left-handed that you were conceived by nature, you should not go against it.

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