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  1. I can't say anything about permanent changes, but sometimes when I run a five-hour marathon of English literature or watch movies and TV shows in English all day, I think only in English in the evening)

  2. Yes, and this is quite easy to achieve – you just need a lot of practice, and it is in the vocabulary that you mostly think about (otherwise you will constantly jump to your native language, where you know this word). And as soon as there is a solid base, after a very busy period (not necessarily a long one, the main thing is active involvement – you need to speak it), you think in this language “by inertia” for some time, without thinking. As soon as you stumble – you immediately jump back, although after a while you learn to go back.

    It took me about half a year of intense communication with a native English speaker, so that I would then catch myself thinking that I had been thinking in English all evening, without touching Russian at all. At the very beginning, it turned out for a short time, you quickly get lost, and you get tired in principle.

    So yes, it is possible.

  3. Yes. When you live in a foreign environment for a long time and constantly speak a different language, your thoughts slowly change. The language, of course, must be at a good level)

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