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  1. Chris Frith ” Brain and Soul: how neural activity shapes our inner world.” The book is very good and written in simple language.

    As well as” The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat “by Oliver Sacks and” The Oddities of Our Bodies ” by Stephen Juane.

  2. From personal experience, I advise V. Ramachandran “The brain tells” he is now investigating “mirror neurons”, they were discovered not very long ago and perhaps they are revolutionary and will tell us about human empathy.Just as great is his “brain maps” about why people have phantom limbs that hurt.

    Also, don't forget to read “Brain Plasticity” by Norman Doidge and forget forever about the fact that after a stroke it is impossible to return to normal life or that nerve cells do not recover.

    Well, in the public domain, you can download the book by Rita Carter “How the brain works” where she perfectly collected all the new and old theories and research in the field of neuroscience+ neuropsychology and you can summarize this book and Swaab and Ramachandran and Doj. In general,read with gusto.

  3. Dick Swaab — ” We are our brains. From the uterus to Alzheimer's.” In my opinion, this is the best book that describes how our brain works. It considers almost all spheres of human life. Accessible language, a little humor, and good constructive criticism.

  4. So what's the problem, read books on neuropsychology. You can start with Luria's “fundamentals of neuropsychology”, and Moskvin's “Interhemispheric asymmetries and individual human differences”will do a good job.

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