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  1. And why should it be a shame if it were so? If everything is so bad, then the opposite is better, happy ignorance than constant suffering. We should be happy for them that they do not realize.

    Another thing is that this is not so, a midlife crisis occurs in almost every person who survives it. And not everyone gets out of it, although there are mechanisms in the psyche to find something to live for over time, when there is no need to live. However, with the abundance of free time, modern people are increasingly falling into such states. So even before COVID, there was an epidemic of depression in the world. And thousands of scientists, psychologists, and doctors are figuring out what to do about it. So out of 8 billion, many people realize much more than you think.

  2. Are you offended or proud?)))

    • You have an internal contradiction in the question and in the experience that you describe in the comment.

    You write about meaninglessness, futility – this is actually a deeply personal, lonely experience. And at the same time you turn to the open set of readers of the resource, and you put the question about the reader and as many as 8 billion people))

    In essence, a tragedy is a theatrical work that ends with the death of one or more of the main characters.

    In this sense-metaphorically yes, you can compare a person's life with a tragedy. Or you can not – as you want.

    Further , you are not the first to discover that people are dying and that there is no objective meaning to life for a non-religious/ non-religious person.

    (Yes, it's incredibly hard to believe that it's not the first one)).

    And here's how people choose to deal with this knowledge… If you have the strength and desire to get out of the egocentric position (“the whole world is me; – I discovered death and meaninglessness = this world discovered death and meaninglessness”), you will easily satisfy your curiosity…

  3. These are not people, but NPCs, simply filling the game space.

    (If you've played computer games, you know what it is).

    You don't need to feel sorry for them or lament them in any particular way. They “respawn” automatically. (this is provided by the system).

    Their lives, behaviors, and habits are based on identical algorithms. They themselves are not aware of where they are, or what they are here for , just biomodels living according to a given scheme, controlled by the simplest consciousness.

  4. Poor boy Dima…. billions of people do not want to live as Dima came up with, and read in books ))

    Calmly, the whole world is developing, a huge increase in scientific and technological progress and information communication, a rapid surge in intellectual work and independent critical thinking, and Dima does not fit in…. And he thinks that the surrounding people did not fit in ))

    Well, don't worry about us, we are having a great time, reading, playing, loving, working, relaxing! and we don't know anything about Dima and his insults ))

  5. In fact, many people realize – and even quite early. This is the teenage crisis of growing up already. Often. Well, yes, not most of them. But – very many. And to the latest age crises…

    Of course, the “sane” cogs that are suitable for society are compensated. That is, they somehow live with this understanding. Because it is wrong to “sweep under the carpet” painful memories – the surest way to insanity.

  6. Why should we think about it if today we are in the role of biorobots, which someone's “pure” consciousness uses. In another life and your consciousness will have to use everyone, so do not lose the chance and perpetuate yourself…

    Should meat regret being meat? And if it starts not to be meat, then the integrity and functionality of the entire body will be violated and this meat will live not 73 years, but 73 days. So it is better, at least, to gain experience with meat and wait for an opportunity…

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