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  1. A few years ago, I noticed a very unexpected change in the behavior of my friend – at the age of thirty, he suddenly began to burp, which is very weak, and previously pronounced the sound ” r ” just perfectly. I did not find an explanation for this (and I did not look for it), but then the denouement was revealed by itself when I looked at the CD in his car, my friend was very fond of Russian rap, his favorite artist was Guf!

  2. I used to constantly catch myself saying that if I liked a person, I would automatically adapt to them: expressions, gestures, and the way they communicate… Some other people noticed copying themselves =) Teenagers do this most often, they have shaky personality boundaries and they very quickly let in the things they like.

    Now this is less common – I adapt to the manner of communication in certain circles, but I no longer copy words, gestures and facial expressions. Well, or I don't notice.

  3. Definitely. If a charismatic person comes into view, I will eventually begin to copy the way I behave, talk, or move. Funny, probably, from the outside.

  4. the fastest infection of copying caught up with us when we were on vacation with a young man, and on a rainy day we stayed in the room, watching TV. of all the channels, the most normal was TNT with a marathon of the series “Real Boys”.6 hours we watched the series and at the end of the day we started communicating like gopnik from Perm

  5. In fact, I've already made sure several times that ” whoever you lead, you'll get enough of it.” The fact that I speak in the same manner as my mother can be explained by kinship. But the laughter that at some point became a copy of the laughter of a friend, other people's words that are tightly embedded in the lexicon, gestures that are characteristic of my teachers-all this cannot be explained by simple kinship. I can't give you a scientific explanation, I'm incompetent, but I know it happens. I noticed both for myself and for close friends.

  6. I definitely notice it. However, this is already on a more conscious level for me. Sometimes I copy certain behavioral aspects of actors, politicians, and colleagues that I find useful, positive, and necessary. I try to apply them to your character, adapt them for yourself. If it doesn't work out or they are harmful, I refuse to do it.

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