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  1. I wanted to describe the technique, but I thought it was too long. Therefore, a link to a book with a description of the technique of remembering dreams will be more useful. Stephen Laberge, ” The practice of lucid dreaming.” Don't be surprised by the title of the book, it's just that memorizing it is a preparation for lucid dreaming. In my understanding, the main thing is your intention and awareness. The technique, as in the previous answer, is also based on keeping a diary. But not only after the last sleep when we wake up in the morning, but after each stage of REM sleep, when we practically wake up. In general, I recommend the book, since the author is the first university scientist who tried to translate this topic into scientific terms, going beyond the esoteric.

  2. A person dreams every time he sleeps — this is an established fact. The fact that we do not always remember our dreams is explained by the fact that the mechanism of forgetting dreams is built into our brain structure: all signals are blocked — both incoming (the sleeper does not respond to weak stimuli like sounds or light changes) and outgoing (the person does not perform actions from their dreams: does not move, does not speak, etc.). The lack of dream memories is a product of overworking just these mechanisms; with their weak operation, such things as sleepwalking, sleepwalking, nightmares, and enuresis occur.

    The ability to remember dreams is deeply individual: some people can say every day that they saw in a dream at night, others claim that they never dream anything. However, in the light of the above, we can say that every case of remembering a dream is an attempt by the organism to communicate with the brain and consciousness. So it's really important to pay attention to your dreams and analyze them. In addition to entertaining stories, dreams can help you better understand yourself, your body, and even solve some problems (which, for example, according to legend, happened to Mendeleev).

    How to learn to remember dreams? The first prerequisite is external attributes: it is important to observe the regime and properly arrange the space for sleeping: nothing should distract you in your sleep. comfortable bed, well-chosen mattress, access to fresh air, no harsh sounds, clean body and pastel linen. The second condition is to prepare for falling asleep: it is important to relax, breathe deeply and carefully analyze the past day: note all the successful and unsuccessful moments, remember all the actions and decisions made and analyze their correctness (here it is important to look at everything from the position of an observer, and not judge yourself, otherwise the analysis of the day will turn into a session of This is important because during sleep, information obtained during the” session ” of wakefulness is analyzed. After that, it is worth planning the next day, planning things to do and be sure to set yourself tasks. The memory of a dream can dissipate in minutes, so the first thing to do after you realize that you have woken up is to write down the dream. Therefore, the third condition is the presence of a notebook and pen next to the bed (or under the pillow).

    After some time of keeping such a dream diary, you will notice a certain structure in them and learn to understand the signals of your brain. Then sleep will become not only a time of rest, but also a full-fledged tool for introspection.

  3. People always dream, but they forget. Fortune teller Serafima Zolotareva from the TV series “Fortune Teller”, for example, believes that through dreams we receive hints from higher forces. To remember a forgotten dream, brew bay and thyme seeds in a glass of water. Drink half of the decoction before going to bed and say the words: “To remember everything I see, to understand everything I learn.” The second half of the broth should be drunk immediately after waking up. And while the taste of laurel lingers in your mouth, write down your dreams in a notebook.

    Dreams are often prophetic, but such dreams slip away from consciousness very quickly. The alarm clock is an enemy of prophetic dreams, lavender is a friend. The mistress of dreams is the Moon, which rules Monday, but Jupiter, the ruler of Thursday, allows you to interpret dreams. So if you want to learn how to remember and control your dreams, start with these two days of the week. Deprive yourself of comfort: sleep with the windows open, if you are from Norilsk, do not use a pillow. This will make it easier for you to wake up and record your dream.

    The most important thing is to distinguish between sleep and reality. It is quite difficult to realize your dream. To learn this, you need your own spinning top, like the hero of the movie “The Beginning”. For example, I dream every day of Hitler and a big sea wave. They became my tops, and I can tell by them that I am in a dream. And I learned to wash Hitler off in time. If you want to control your dreams, start with a simple one: try to dream of your own hands.

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