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  1. Because there are some people who believe that to change is to die. If I am not the same tomorrow as I am today, then I am dead and tomorrow I am no longer me.

    For such people, liberalization leads to death.

    And there are other people. For whom death means standing still. What is alive, what changes, what does not change, is dead. And for them, liberalization leads to life, because this is the only way to live.

    And so everywhere in the world there is liberalization – because you are already dead. Not yet started living. And just as a dead Negro doesn't go to play basketball, so a dead conservative can't resist liberalization. It remains to mourn his unaccomplished life.

  2. I'll tell you about myself. I'm an elderly person. My youth was a time of hippie freedom from puritanical norms. Now I am ashamed of many actions of that time. Many people come to this conclusion in their old age. They come to religion. Liberalism is the adolescent nihilism of humanity. Modification is the essence of a person. But here sooooo need higher wisdom, or something. People need to change into something that we can't even imagine. This is something that only highly spiritual people see through and pass on to us through religion. That is why many people come to religion at the point of death.

    For example:

    Bernardo Bertolucci-as a young man: Last tango in Paris, as an adult-Little Buddha.Tarkovsky's last film: The Sacrifice. Balabanov's latest film: I want it too.

    Liberalism is freedom from God. From the highest wisdom. This is a profanity, a simplification of life. . But Creativity is a complication. To the infinite limits. And liberalism is not Creativity, but scribbling, destruction. This is children's creativity.

  3. The “culture of entertainment” itself has little to do with liberalization. It is a product of accessibility, which at all times is subordinated to the problems of demand in the majority. If a medieval peasant could be transported to the world of dreams, princesses and dragons once a year, then technological and globalization processes have simplified this to pressing a button at any time (accessible to the general public, moreover).

    The same applies to the “liberation of women's rights” – these are far from just social and political processes. on the contrary, they, these processes are a consequence of deeper ones. There could be no liberalization here in principle, if the gender functions of the male sex did not lose the features of physical activity due to the same technologization of civilization.

  4. The structure of society can be assessed on various scales, including freedom from laws. If one extreme is the so-called “Wild West”, then the other is some kind of abstract society, where Libertrope may come if it does not bend on the way.

    In the wild West, who shoots better and is even stronger and smarter is the master of life. In Liberevrop, everyone has equal rights, and the rich need to be screwed with taxes to share with the less successful.

    If they take it away anyway, then why do you need to get married? This applies almost equally to the wild west and libertrope. In the wild west, bandits will take it away, and in liberevrop, a legally elected government will be taken away. In the first case, too little sympathy, in the second too much.

    Society will come to ruin not because of an excess of liberalism, but because it will eventually encounter a challenge that it cannot overcome. Liberalization is nothing more than an attempt to control population growth (genocide) due to the impending shortage of resources in the most humane way. Better drug addiction and sexual perversion than gas chambers. Don't you think so?

  5. Liberal ideas are utopian, just like the ideas of communism. Yes certainly leads to destruction. But there is one salvation. Since there is no ideal political development, various ideas are offered to society, which cyclically replace each other. Actually, this is what they are alive for.

  6. The word “DEGRADATION” in Latin literally means “Absence of differences”, and is used in the sense of”Degeneration, decline”.

    Smart people in ancient times understood what beautiful words about universal equality lead to.

    Equal rights with unequal responsibilities – injustice.

    A coward, a fool, and a loafer should not be equal to the builder and defender of civilization.

    Those who have dedicated their lives to raising children are, by definition, above the pervert hollowflowers.

    The hero of the liberation war is higher than the evader-deserter.

    The guardian of order is above the villain.

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