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  1. I'm sure not. In my opinion, this is another divorce, of which there were already a huge number, charged water, healing with special Egyptian mud, incredibly effective stones from the Ryoanji garden in Japan, just like these “Mishin's vortex coils”, all this is one field of berries. Scammers will never get tired of playing on the weaknesses and knowledge gaps of the vast majority of the population, if we talk about medicine – there is generally a whole field untilled. Many people are familiar with medical science very mediocre, and even more so when they also mix in a bunch of incomprehensible terms from the field of physics, electrodynamics, and so on, and of course, where to go without a cherry on the cake, in the form of a whole bunch of fake reviews about miraculous healing using this “innovative method”. Add to this the fact that medicine in our country, although it is rising from its knees, is doing so very slowly, and the government continues to put a spoke in the wheel, reducing the level of funding for public institutions. Based on this, it is not difficult to conclude that not everyone can provide adequate medical care, especially if we talk about the end stages of serious diseases, for example, about the same oncological and neurological pathologies, plus a bunch of chronic diseases that are not treated, but simply stopped, for example, arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, asthma, varicose veins, hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, pancreatitis, colitis, prostatitis, etc. etc. in Russia, right? So scammers think the same way. Well, of course, in the annotation to these coils it is written that they help from all the diseases I mentioned above and from many others that I did not specify – also, and it could not have been otherwise, the tool is innovative, it's good that these are Mishin coils, and not some Schweinstanger, a German scientist, and besides a 7-time Nobel Prize winner in medicine.

    By the way, in order not to be unfounded, I decided to study the issue a little, found a forum for discussing these coils and their YouTube channel with the same name. �Well, what can I say, it's exactly the same as I thought. The first thing that should alert you is that comments on all videos on the channel are disabled, only laudatory reviews are left on the forums, and everything like that, obviously, this is not just so. Next, I wandered to the official website, read the principle of operation, watched a video about the principle of operation, as I thought, a bunch of terms, zero current, electromagnetic waves, falling space density (??).

    Let's see at least the very beginning, quote from the site:

    “Any pathogen (virus, bacterium) is a looped formation in which there is a minimal link-a second-order helix (this is about DNA, as I understand it, hmm, �and then what about viruses containing RNA, not DNA? They do not have a double-order helix, but what about red blood cells that do not have DNA at all, but nevertheless coils also act on them) . It can be compared to a gyroscope, in which all the force is directed to rotation without linear movement( what is the meaning of this phrase? This is generally a meaningless comparison) .

    Such an object cannot be destroyed by direct mechanical action (well, of course, but he certainly does not know about DNA cleavage using ultrasound) . In order to simply uncouple it, we need to create not an electric current, not a line of impact, but a circular motion(??). In this case, it is the simplest electrostatics in the form of standing waves. In my March report(I couldn't find his “March report”) In electrostatics, I tried to cover this point, but, unfortunately, only a few people understand (as I mentioned above), although there are more of them.

    Oddly enough, but nature has created only one universal process – toroidal flow motion of the density of the medium. (density can't move at all, it's just a characteristic of the medium, only the medium itself can move).

    Conversion of the capacitor charge into the rotational energy and vibrations of the molecular structure of the filament (the capacitor charge is converted only into the vibrational energy of the structure, where did the statement about rotation suddenly come from-it is unclear).

    We create almost zero electric current. There is no current, but there is a rotation of the field in place. This is what determines electrostatics and vortex medicine. In one concept of an electromagnetic wave, we immediately combine two concepts: electricity and magnetism. One does not exist without the other.

    When creating the Mishin coil, we do not need magnetic and electrical impulses (?).

    In general, I hope that you understand the general point. An important fact, you can Google what this Mishin coil looks like, and what drawing it has on the site, Googled? And now let's see what the drawing of the bifilar coil looks like, the patent for which was issued by Nikola Tesla back in 1894.

    A very interesting similarity. By the way, this invention is worth 9800 rubles on the official website, which is very good so-and-so, �and although I found a video on how to assemble this coil for 500 rubles of prime cost(which seems to hint that somewhere we are nae … yut), I also do not recommend doing this until you have earned an electric injury.

    In one of the videos on their official channel, the most important statement about the principle of operation of their coils was made – the use of low-frequency electrostatic therapy(this is if they work at all). Okay, I agree, but hello guys, low-frequency electricity has been used in medicine and rehabilitation for a very long time. And yes, it does work, but if you turn to official methods, then everything is not so miraculous anymore and in most cases it is just supportive therapy during rehabilitation. Since oscillatory processes can indeed have an anti-spastic, anti-edematous effect, enhance local hemodynamics, and therefore enhance regenerative processes, but this does not cure diseases, and even more so oncological diseases, and in many pathologies it is completely useless or even harmful.

  2. I have been using the coil for 3 months and as you can see, I am still alive. If someone does not believe that, for example, today is Tuesday, then it will be so, and if you believe in healing with Mishin's coils, then the effect of treatment will appear. I believe in it and it helps me. My wife and I had bumps on our backs and they hurt, now they are almost gone and most importantly after the coils the general condition is better. I'm after a massive heart attack and I was put on a stent, after the coils, the shortness of breath almost disappeared, the cardiogram is normal, the dream just failed and I get up cheerfully in the morning. So who does not believe, you should not try.

  3. Hello gentlemen, trolls, just ignorant and all interested – if you are really interested, then back in 2003, NASA, with the participation of government agencies, did a large-scale study on the influence of pulsing electromagnetic fields (PEMF – Pulsing Electro Magnetic Fields) на on human cells. Anyone can get acquainted with the scientific work on the NASA website and draw conclusions for themselves link to the document. Why listen to the opinion of unqualified people who are not versed in the issue and do not immediately delve into everything? I will also add that the conclusions are that the regeneration (on average) in the control samples of cell culture increased by 40%.

  4. Stanislav, your confidence is not based on anything, if you are a professional, you could conduct research on this method, especially since, according to you, the method can be repeated at home – ” and although I found a video how to assemble this coil for 500 rubles of prime cost.” After all, the topic is just about the medical method, and “if we talk about medicine – there is generally a whole field not plowed”, who should plow it, if not workers from medicine? You scare people with scammers, but where can you go without them? Maybe we don't have fake medicines or fake methods of treating diseases, for example: http://goldteam.su/forum/index.php?/topic/163054-revmatologi-12-let-obmanyvali-patcientov-po-vsei-s/

    Or fake doctors? Or do you consider it ” adequate medical care?”

    Maybe it's time to understand that if the method does not cure the disease, then it is fake. And there are a lot of such methods in medicine, because there are still”a lot of chronic diseases that are not treated, but simply stopped, for example, arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, asthma, varicose veins, hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, pancreatitis, colitis, prostatitis, etc. etc.”

    You complain about a bunch of incomprehensible terms from the field of physics, read quantum physics, there are so many of these terms and ephemeral particles that storytellers will envy. At one time, the concept of Ether was thrown out of official science, and the concept of vacuum was introduced, which excludes further study of the nature of electromagnetic waves and the gravitational field until now. But this does not distort the luminaries of science, they still rub people that waves propagate through the void, (vacuum) without a medium, and that nothing is faster than the speed of light. When trying to describe this method of treatment, I am not surprised by what they write, who is in a lot of trouble, because this does not exclude the results of the experiment.

    You agree that “it really works, … oscillatory processes can really have an anti-spastic, anti-edematous effect, enhance local hemodynamics, and therefore enhance regenerative processes” you lose sight of the fact that they can also have a depressing effect on pathogenic organisms, and you claim that “it does not cure diseases “although” low-frequency electricity has been used in medicine and rehabilitation for a very long time” and is an official method of treatment.

    And finally, the Tesla Bifilar coil. After all, it was during the study of the Tesla coil that the therapeutic effect was discovered. And the fact that the Mishin coil is a variation of the Tesla bifilar coil does not exclude its therapeutic effect.

    I wonder how you determined that all reviews are fake? And why should your readers believe you?

    Yes, the unrecognized method discourages potential customers from far from “free medicine”! And you have a choice, show some courage and approach the study of the topic professionally, or troll the topic.

    Studying a question on social networks, actually without studying the question, is there a method used by the United States and Great Britain to fool their citizens, and you go there, apparently you are satisfied with the title of a sofa troll, although with a diploma?

    It's good that you can still leave a comment, but how do you respond to it?

  5. I don't know about serious illnesses, but it removes colds at once. With a flat coil

    10 minutes or top for 10 minutes nose and throat. Stopped waking up in the middle of the night,

    I started to feel more cheerful, but maybe it's just a coincidence.

  6. Hi all, I am an amateur radio operator, I have assembled three pieces: a 120×25mm resonant frequency of 350kHz disk, and a 125×25mm resonant frequency of 300kHz disk, with a wire diameter of 0.5 mm. Denis Gorelochkin circuit, output voltage no more than 5V, current in the region of 100mA. I conduct an experiment on peas, mold, cat's bump, wart, 6 days have passed. I didn't notice the result. Maybe I'll record a video review. I attach a photo of the current waveform of two coils.

    Small harmonics are visible on the sine, there may be a pickup, I don't know, everything is perfect on the old oscilloscope. Powered by 5V 2A adapter, +filter capacitor for 2200mkF. I also added a schottky diode to exclude harmonics from the adapter, after that I didn't take pictures.

  7. I conducted an experiment on peas….. The peas sprouted for the next day. I kept the flat one under a plate of peas all night. So all in for Vortex Medicine! How tired are these smart guys who argue here and on other sites.

  8. There will still be many such doctors who will refute the Vortex medicine. Since they received knowledge from old textbooks. In the history of medicine, someone made a discovery, then a tub of mud was also poured on it. Now about me, I am 66 years old, retired. I have a secondary special education, which allows me to understand electricity, so I was able to assemble the device and coils myself and adjust them for resonance. I have been using this device and coils for 2 years now. For the first 5 days of use, I stopped running to the toilet at night, 2-3 times �(prostatitis) . At the request of a friend, I assembled the device for him. (He also has a prostate problem.) At the friend in 2 weeks after the beginning of use of the device, sand from a bladder went (before it at all did not guess about its existence). A familiar pensioner, only once tried the Tor coil on her knees and after 15 minutes, the pain went away for a day. Now he uses the device and DOES NOT USE painkillers. For 1 year, I applied the Tor to my eyes for 5 minutes. per day. �I still use the monitor without glasses. Recently, there was a case where a hard bag weighing 20 kg fell on my leg. He won't feel much pain, but he limped for half an hour, then it all went away. And after 5 hours, in the evening, I already felt a growing pain, in which I could not even put my foot on the floor. The leg was slightly swollen and red. I wanted to call an ambulance, but I decided to wait until morning, but for now I attached the Tor and sat with it for 2 hours at the TV. Before going to bed, the pain was so bad that I couldn't even touch my leg with my hand. When needed, before going to bed, I jumped on this leg. I didn't fall asleep until an hour later. In the morning, the first thought is like a leg. I didn't feel any pain, I carefully lowered my leg to the floor, it doesn't hurt, I got up – it doesn't hurt, I jumped on the “sick” leg – oh, a miracle, as if it didn't hurt. Thank you to Mishin for his discovery. And if I had called a doctor, I don't know how many days I would have stayed at home. �

    P.S. “when I assembled the first device,” it “had no effect on me, only when I started using an accurate oscillator and oscilloscope, everything worked. If you don't collect them properly, they won't work. My grandson (9 years old)for 15 minutes of using the tor�, snot passes. So that everything works!!

  9. I feel the effect on myself, but not unambiguous. Some processes are taking place. But how they affect my body xs. I can say one thing with the help of this coil you can charge my Samsung, this really works.=))

  10. After the first application, the knee of the right leg hurt, well, I thought where the thread hit because of this. after the second prilozheiya in general strongly began to hurt, swelled up strongly, the temperature rose and in general I cannot step on a leg, bend and unbend a knee. and ponel that it was because of the coil. so far, I do not use it, what should I do, then should I use the coil?

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