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  1. Good afternoon, you need to develop yourself. Friends are also good, you need to make as many friends as possible. Especially since you're married. Develop the internal structure of the family, do not give up in any case. We have one life! You need to pull yourself together, set a certain goal and go to it no matter what and no one. Make yourself inspired, because we live under a peaceful sky, and what kind of life and circumstances will surround you-depends only on you! Be bright in life and in life) Good luck to you)

  2. Try to turn to Orthodoxy, read first Anthony of Sourozh, Andrey Tkachev, go to the church and ask this question to any priest— he will definitely answer you. I searched for an answer in various directions for a long time, until I found it there.

  3. Don't rely on the website for such things. It would be better if you went to see a good psychologist, he can tell you what to do and how to cope with depression. For example, I live for my own pleasure and I don't see anything wrong with it.

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