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  1. Is there a connection between the gray matter and our outer shell? Which sports are more profitable if the goal is to develop the brain and body?

    Today we will find answers to all these questions.

    The brain is connected to the body because it is physically located in it. Yes, that's so corny. And if the body is decrepit, sluggish, sick and not in good shape, then how can the brain, as a part of it, be in good condition? But don't jump to conclusions.

    In the absence of physical activity, the body takes on a depressing appearance. If at the same time a person eats profusely, then, most likely, he is rapidly gaining weight. If not a lack of nutrition – a thin build.

    Insufficient amount of physical activity: sitting/ lying down for more than 5 hours a day (sleep is an exception), less than 10 hours of walking per week.

    Lack of exercise is bad for a violation of processes in the circulatory system. When we walk, at least, the blood circulates normally through the body.

    Excessive exercise is also harmful. Weakness, lethargy, wobbly legs. Professional athletes also have different sores due to overtraining. If the physical address is too large. your body thinks that you are at war and throws all its strength into recovery after sports. The central nervous system is depleted, some glucose is taken from the brain and sent to the muscles. At the same time, it is difficult to develop the brain.

    The ideal option is optimal blood supply to the brain without overworking the body as a whole. Moreover, a light long-term load is much better for the brain than a sharp physical impulse. And oxygen supply is very important.

    Light and regular exercise lasting 60-90 minutes in the fresh air is the best choice. This can be running in the park, cycling, walking at a fast pace, swimming, crossfit, workout, yoga. In general, any anaerobic load.

    In a healthy body, not only a healthy mind, but also a healthy brain. Remember this.

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