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  1. In order to solve this problem, it is not necessary to think about how to rearrange the glasses. The answer is much simpler.

    Answer: We take the second glass on the right and pour it into the second one on the left. �

    Often, even the simplest logic tasks are baffled.

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  2. Judging by the picture, everything is quite easy:

    You need to take the penultimate glass on the right and pour its contents(or swap them) with the penultimate glass on the left. Then the first(left) glass is empty, the second is full, the third is empty, the fourth is full, the fifth is empty (since we changed it from 2 from the beginning), and the sixth is full.

    Everything was solved in 6 seconds, and this is one of the easiest “backfill”tasks.

  3. The problem with such tasks is in the language. What do you mean by one action? Take a glass, pour its contents into another one, and put it back in its place?
    People perceive the same words differently, so I would not recommend treating “logical problems” as something serious.

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