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  1. Lack of attention has become a fairly common problem in our time, this is due to the fact that people began to rest less and consume the necessary substances for better brain function, I also suffered from this,but now I take Evalarovsky theanine and omega fats, my attention at work is now focused only on work and I no longer get distracted from the case during its execution)

  2. Herbert Benson found a” meditation ” that hypothetically works very effectively (it is difficult to prove at all that a person used it before the effect occurred, a person can lie). relaxationresponse.org very simple, no need to learn much, long preparation. You just sit on a chair comfortably, relax, close your eyes and breathe through your nose as usual, do not interfere with the process and just watch your breathing for 20 minutes. Hypothetically, this should improve your concentration. relaxationresponse.org here are publications on this subject.

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