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  1. I had the same problem, I easily read books in English and even easily perceived English speech by ear, but I spoke at the level of Mutko. And this is a common thing for languages, since understanding by ear, reading, speaking and writing are 4 different things that are largely learned separately.

    There is one way that helped me move from passive knowledge to active vocabulary and speaking: intensive listening. This means at least 4-7 hours of listening time per row.

    At first, you will be very tired and sleepy, but after a while you will get used to it, and then you will feel the urge to say something. This can be either a single word, a sentence, or a type of sentence. When you “talk too much” in this way, go back to listening. After a month or two of this alternation, I felt as if I had fallen into speech and could say everything I wanted without much effort.

    The next stage is the improvement of speech, so that you can speak not only effortlessly, but also grammatically and with a variety of constructions, then either look for the interlocutor or speak to yourself. To practice speaking in private, ask yourself questions: they are easy to come up with and make you think and speak more fully. If you just say to yourself: “Say it”, then you will not succeed, most likely you will just think about the topic for a long time, and then you will get bored.

    Good luck!

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