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  1. It's very simple.
    Our past lives are reflected in our character, habits, and overall personality pattern.
    Knowing that you used to speak a certain language or do a certain type of activity is normal, and if you contact a specialist, everything will fall into place.

  2. No way. Because past lives don't exist. And anyone who claims to remember something from a previous life is a liar (or a dreamer, whatever).�

    However, we can also say that such phenomena, when a person is delusional, or sees a “divine revelation”, or he “moves in space outside his body” – are associated with the work of the neural network of operational rest in the brain. This part of the neural network is activated when the person himself is at rest and inactive. This network has not yet been fully investigated, but it is precisely with it that the phenomenon of human consciousness is associated and it is in it that abnormal activities are detected in patients with schizophrenia. So if a person genuinely believes that they remember a “past life,” then most likely, almost certainly, they are ill.

  3. MAXIM, you can explain something that is not provable at least somehow. For example: not that some people really remember their past lives, but they are quite inclined to fantasize, dissociate and banal deja vu.

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