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  1. Signs are not sent by the universe as a whole, but are projected onto something by our subconscious mind. Just think about what you saw. If it repeats itself, then you should think about it. But the choice is always ours. And without taking a step, no sign of the universe will work.

    But you don't have to go with the setup, which didn't let you. Then all the little things, you will write off on the sign that is not necessary. Look as if there are no signs at all. Then the trip will be no different from all the others

  2. If you have already connected the universe to your desire and brought this issue to society, then you need to understand whether you can calmly, consciously, and intelligently put yourself on a par with the universe. If you want to hear the universe, then become its equal. And keep this bar inside you always, constantly, until death.

    And the answer is very simple. If you are on your trip hoping to find the answer to the question of who you are, why you came to this world, then go without fail, even if absolutely everything becomes against the trip, even if a friend refuses. If your trip is mercantile and has nothing to do with the issues I mentioned, then forget about it.

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