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  1. I am sure that in the near future most modern galleries will introduce positions related to NFT. Since NFT solves several problems of the art market at once:

    • NFT (non-fungible token) = a unique token that cannot be forged or stolen. In other words, when buying or exchanging an NFT work, galleries can be sure of its authenticity;

    • In fact, the problem of pirated content on the Internet is being solved;

    • Digital art has become a full-fledged part of the art market. This means that it can participate in auctions, exhibitions, and be collected. If galleries want to “be on the wave” , they will need specialists in this niche;

    • Technology takes collecting to another level. NFT makes it possible to digitize any work of art, simplifies its storage: it does not require restoration, a special place, temperature conditions, reduces the cost of transportation and security;

    • NFT gives more freedom to virtual artists, which definitely generates an increase in the number of works that future galleries and foundations will have to work with.

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