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  1. Good afternoon! Psychosomatics is a science that combines medicine and psychology, it is impossible to fight it, but it is possible to prevent it.

    Prevention of the development of psychosomatic diseases is based on prevention and management of emotional intelligence, since the main substrates for the development of a particular psychosomatic pathology are obsessive thoughts, locked emotions and past experience.

    It is the management of one's emotional intelligence that gives the best results, moreover, this technique in psychosomatics has a scientific and evidence base.

  2. First, it is important to understand that it is necessary to fight psychosomatics before diseases. If you are already ill, then you are welcome to see the right doctor.

    Psychosomatics can be contrasted with a strong nervous system, which is strengthened comprehensively in all areas of psychological health: we build healthy family relationships, look for a job that suits us, and don't forget about vacations and hobbies. Of course, we train and temper the body. A healthy body is a sign of a healthy psyche. Plus reflection.

  3. It is necessary to know that medicines for all diseases are inside the person. You just need to be able to open them. Doctors know such cases when a person on the verge of life and death was saved thanks to love or an extraordinary zeal to live.

    An experienced psychologist can help a person heal a psychomatic illness in a short time. The best trainings are group ones. So a person will not only heal faster, but also acquire many acquaintances.

    In such a situation, the role of close people is also important. Who, if not them, should support a person in difficult situations? The most important thing is not to put pressure on the patient. No need to say such things: “You just don't want to do anything” or “You don't have anything, you made it all up yourself.” You need to understand that a person is already bad, and if his relatives reproach him, he will fall into an even deeper depression or commit suicide. You need to surround a person with care, and only then will he begin to slowly but surely recover. It will be ideal to take the patient to nature or on vacation. This will give him strength.

    You can start going to the gym, fitness club, as muscle tension stimulates the production of its own pleasure hormones in the brain.

    You need to avoid beriberi, eat chocolate (scientists have long found out that eating sweets increases mood). Also shown are foods containing serotonin precursors (milk, legumes, bananas, nuts, and brittle cheese).

  4. In general, there are a lot of fighting methods. It all depends on how you manifest certain psychosomatic symptoms, as well as under what circumstances.
    It can be very simple. For example, if you feel bad in the subway during hot weather , buy thermal water. Jet in the face and you will reach your station.
    It may be more difficult – a feeling of suffocation, severe nausea for no reason.�
    I know the following methods:
    1. A set of vitamins rich in group B. For example, neuromultivitis.
    2. If you drink coffee, refuse. At least for a week.
    3. Mint tea+ chamomile is the theme. Seriously. And also, an infusion of St. John's wort
    4. Light gymnastics. If you feel bad at work or at home or somewhere else, go to the toilet and stretch your neck, shoulders, and back.
    5. Yoga. Unambiguously and regularly. Now, by the way, the season of free yoga in parks is open.
    6. Massage
    Well, to be honest: all this somatics grow legs from the head, from the unsaid, and so on. If it is very tough-look for a psychologist. This is completely normal, just a person sometimes needs help.

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