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  1. Good afternoon! One of the most effective ways to develop the brain is to manage emotional intelligence, that is, creating a balance between unconscious and conscious processes, managing the emotional background, and gradually finding balance and harmony.

  2. I recommend the Wikium platform. I've been working on it for more than 5 years. There are a lot of simulators for developing thinking, memory and attention. As well as many different courses to develop different skills. There are duels in which you develop your brain by playing simulators and satisfy the excitement. Statistics are kept to track your success.

  3. You can do “Brain Aerobics” on a regular basis. The basic principles are familiar to anyone who has performed any physical exercises: warming up, strengthening and-in the final — cooling, relaxing. Choose what you particularly need. The exercises will only take a few minutes and can be performed almost anywhere. You won't need any special devices, and no one will even understand what you're doing. So, start by warming up, warming up. You are already familiar with the benefits that physical warming up gives to the body. The same applies to your brain. Warming it up will allow you to act more effectively when needed. These exercises are designed to help your brain's functions such as memory, meaning comprehension, priority ranking, and image visualization.�

    Putting your thoughts in order. Time: 5-10 minutes after waking up. Body position: sitting or lying down comfortably. All exercises are pronounced aloud.

    Exercise 1.Count backwards from 100 to 1 as quickly as possible.

    Exercise 2.Pronounce the alphabet, coming up with a word for each letter (“A-apricot; B-barrel…”), and as quickly as possible. If you've been thinking about a particular letter for more than 30 seconds, skip it and move on.

    Exercise 3.Say 20 male names (again, as quickly as possible), numbering each of them (“1-Philip, 2-Alexander, 3-Robert…”).

    Exercise 4.Do the same, but now with women's names.

    Exercise 5. The same as in exercises 2 and 3, but this time you will have to number 20 types of food (“1-apple, 2 — cutlet, 3-compote…”).

    Exercise 6.Choose one letter of the alphabet and name the 20 words that begin with it (numbering them as you did before), and again as quickly as possible (“1 — frost, 2 — mother, 3 — massage…”).

    Exercise 7.If your eyes were open during these exercises, that's fine, but now close them. Count to 20 and open it. Your brain is now warmed up and ready for the challenges of the day ahead.

    Brain sprint. Do this exercise before you start any work that requires a particularly sharp mind. Time: 5 minutes. Accessories: pen, some paper, alarm clock. Body position: sitting. Take any printed text and select the first word in it, such as the word “rain”in a newspaper weather forecast. Set an alarm (timer) for five minutes. At the top of a piece of paper, write the word you have chosen. Over the next five minutes, write as many phrases with this word as you can. Don't stop and think about it. Your task is to “beat” the timer and write as fast as you can, even if your associations look silly. After five minutes, stop, count to 20, and continue working.

    Gain to the maximum. Time: 10 minutes. Accessories: a book, magazine, or newspaper. Body position: sitting. Take the text, turn it upside down, and read it out loud. The speed of reading will decrease dramatically, as the brain resists such an unusual method for it. But it also means that your mental abilities are enhanced.

    Instruction manual:

    1. “Swing” the mind can be constantly. Ask him tasks and make him solve them in unusual conditions. Try to develop both your arms equally. Use more than your main hand when brushing your teeth, eating, or working with a computer mouse. Blindfold your eyes and for the next half hour continue to live as if nothing has happened – move around the apartment, try to eat something, take a shower. Cover your ears and listen to the sensations that arise. In such situations, the brain connects its hidden reserves and makes those parts of itself that were not previously involved work.

    2. A great exercise for the mind is learning a new language or mastering a new intellectual process. If you start learning a foreign language, then make it a rule to memorize 5-10 words every day. You can also learn programming languages. And, no matter which one, just make your brain constantly strain.

    3. You can develop intelligence by developing logical, paradoxical, or analytical thinking. Look for causal relationships between events and phenomena that, at first glance, are not related to each other. Make two sentences with exactly the opposite meaning. Try to create a few phrases that will logically lead you from the first to the second sentence. The fewer such phrases you need, the better.

    4. Learn complex algorithms and perform arithmetic operations with large numbers, solve puzzles and crosswords. Constantly train your memory and observation skills. Even when walking down the street, count how many cars of domestic and imported production have passed by you, or how many men and how many women have met you.

    5. Eat properly and in a balanced way, do outdoor sports, laugh and joke. Be a positive person and be happy to meet everything new and interesting. Get creative – start drawing or writing poetry. Don't let your brain get lazy and very soon you will notice how your mental abilities improve.Muscles can be developed and increased thanks to sports exercises, and what exercises can develop the brain?�

    Music. “Do you listen to classical music?” To this question, many people answer negatively, claiming that they do not understand its charms. But all its superiority is not only in its beauty, but also in the fact that classical music improves mental abilities. This effect of music is called the “Mozart Effect”.There is also an opinion that children who learn to play musical instruments have a larger vocabulary, higher IQ, and no memory problems. This is confirmed by Patrick Regert and his colleagues from the Ruhr University (Bochum, Germany). They found that professional pianists were more successful in classical visual acuity tests. According to Regert, it follows that the brain of musicians is more plastic than that of people who are far from music. Also, for example, learning music helps a person learn foreign languages faster, as the subtleties of hearing help to better distinguish the components of words. So, if you want to develop your brain, then start learning to play the guitar, piano or trumpet, let your neighbors rejoice, and your brain will increase the amount of gray matter. It doesn't matter if you start playing music as a child or in adulthood, it will still have a decent impact on the development of your brain.

    Electric chair. An interesting fact is that transcranial electrical brain stimulation (TES) helps to develop the brain as well as music. Electricity can improve visual memory and math skills. Roy Cohen Kadosh, a neuroscientist at the University of Oxford, has been studying the possibility of improving mathematical abilities. He conducted experiments in which volunteers participated. After the TPP session, people memorized symbols faster and showed better results when completing tasks than before. The achieved improvements in mathematical abilities lasted six months.Richard Chi and colleagues (University of Sydney, Australia) used TES to stimulate the anterior part of the right temporal lobe, near the temple. Their volunteers performed 110 % better on visual memory tasks than they had previously done.So if you want to improve your math and visual skills, consider electrostimulating your brain.

    Light. Remember, if you want to prolong your mental activity, improve your ability to perform logical tasks, then leave the light bright throughout the day. Best of all, it should be sunlight or its imitation.

    Food. Do you think that what you eat affects your body shape, but does not affect your brain in any way? And this is far from the case! Write down and run to the store for substances found in food, or rather for the products themselves.• Blueberries• Black currants• Cocoa• Green Tea• All of them contain flavonoids, which improve memory and help protect against brain degeneration. This fact was found out by Jeremy Spencer from the University of Reading (Great Britain). “We looked at the effects of blueberries and found that they increase attention,” says Spencer.Well, food products are familiar to everyone and not exotic, so you should urgently include them in your diet!

    Sport. You have eaten a healthy meal, your brain has improved its abilities, and now it's time to go to the gym. It is impossible not to remember that moderate physical activity contributes to the proper formation of brain tissue. But do not overload yourself, because excessive physical activity will lead to the opposite effect – the destruction of tissue.

    Exercises to stimulate the brain

    1. New environment. Go places you've never been before, or where you rarely go. It can be a new large park or a jewelry store in a nearby neighborhood.

    2. New smells. Buy bottles of essential oils or any scented items. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, inhale a new smell – this will “wake up” the brain.

    3. Closed eyes. In the evening, do not turn on the light in the apartment – go through the rooms from memory. This exercise will increase your attention and concentration. You can also take a shower with your eyes closed. Since you can't see anything, your other senses are sharply activated.

    4. Change of the working hand. Brush your teeth not with the working hand, but with the one that is less active: if you are right – handed, brush your teeth with your left hand, if you are left-handed-with your right.

    5. New wardrobe. Wear different things. Scientists have proven that depending on a person's clothing, not only their feelings change, but also their way of thinking.

    6. Braille (reading and writing system for the blind) and sign language. Braille and sign language are difficult to master, but the ability to read and talk with your fingers will develop your senses tremendously. In sign language, it is enough to learn standard communication phrases: greetings, simple questions, and answers.

    7. New road. Go to work (to the store) in a new, unfamiliar way. Even if the new path is longer, it's okay. This will not only have a positive effect on the brain, but also help to maintain slimness.

    8. Self-confidence. Be more confident in yourself. Even if you are offered a job that you don't know much about, accept it. The brain quickly activates when you don't know exactly what to do.

    9. Non-standard responses. Answer standard questions in a non-standard way. Even to the question ” how are you?” you can respond with dozens of different phrases – give up the stereotypes.

    10. Coins. Learn to distinguish between coins of different denominations only with your fingers. This exercise is useful when you are waiting for someone or something. Time passes faster, and the wait becomes less tedious.

    11. New knowledge. Try to learn something new every day. Get new knowledge, read scientific articles, newspapers and magazines. And to make this process more convenient and exciting subscribe to our Telegram channelScience and Technology. Stay up to date with the latest developments, explore new phenomena and get all the most interesting information from the world of Science and Technology first.

    12. TV without sound. Turn off the TV sound and try to play a dialogue or monologue while looking at the image. If you perform this exercise together with your friends, it will be very comical and interesting.

    13. Various leisure activities. If you usually spend the weekend in the city, then next time go to nature. Don't like listening to music? Go to a music concert – you will get a lot of new sensations. Even if you don't like it at all, you can leave.

    14. New pace. This exercise can be done on a day off. If you usually do everything slowly, try to speed up the pace by 2 times. If you can't even sit still for a minute, force yourself to do everything slowly. This requires a lot of concentration.

    15. Jokes. Coming up with new jokes and anecdotes is very entertaining and useful for the brain. This not only encourages mental activity, but also develops the ability to think creatively.

  4. developing the brain is actually much easier than it seems, or than described by the comrades above, it is enough just to know a couple of mechanics: the brain records any external information throughout life, although before the age of 25 it creates new connections, and after 25, under certain conditions, it rebuilds old, already recorded connections.

    for its development, it is enough to do anything, but the question is what you will need in life, so there is, of course, the point in reading useful literature, integrating yourself into some new, intelligent society, doing more needlework, and so on.

    simply put, your task is to find the most important and necessary activity for yourself, and most importantly, to make it interesting. This is important so that you don't feel like doing what you did in the future. The brain will create the desired row: “I like it there, so I need to go there again”

  5. First, to read – not entertaining, but informative, philosophical and other developing literature.

    Secondly, perform unusual actions as often as possible: write with your left hand (for right-handed people), take new routes, introduce new habits, learn languages, and so on.

    Third, solve puzzles and chess problems.

    Fourth, it is less likely to clog the brain with information garbage in social networks.

    I can recommend the following books:”We are our brains. From the Uterus to Alzheimer's “by Dick Swaab,” Laws of Influence ” by Susan Weinshank,” Neuromarketing in Action “by David Lewis,” Brain Plasticity “by Norman Doidge,” Willpower. How to Develop and strengthen” Kelly McGonigal, ” Rules of the Brain. What you and your children should know about the Brain “John Medina,” Change Your Brain-Change Your Life ” Daniel Amen.

  6. The brain cannot be developed in isolated exercises, as they do not involve the entire human cognitive system, which is involved in solving life's problems. All these training tasks are just pop gum to make you feel smarter, not to be smart.

    In fact, the best way, in my opinion, is to solve difficult problems on the path of life and solve scientific and informational issues. Here, respectively, there are two ways: to go into business, marketing, analytics, trading, and so on, and programming, creating your own worldview from scratch, creating your own scientific interpretation.

  7. Only by brainstorming. Only in the activity of human organs develop, improve and evolve. Just as muscle training is important for an athlete, so is mental activity training for the brain.

  8. Learn poems by heart. Information from tests is easy to remember. Test yourself whenever possible.Crossword puzzles to guess.Read a lot of interesting information.

  9. Recent studies have shown that the brain works best when it hears waves, feels salty fresh air, sees shades of blue, and feels warm sand. That is why we quickly recuperate on the coast of the sea or ocean. Visit salt rooms, walk more often in the coniferous forest, relax near water bodies, and in summer do not hesitate to go barefoot. Try to get out to the sea sometimes. � Draw when you can't solve a difficult task or need to make a serious choice. This activity activates both hemispheres, and the brain finds the right solution faster. Integrated classes showed that children are more likely to learn math and memorize information faster if they illustrate new material or just doodle in the margins. Draw or color for �10-20 minutes. It is better to work with an inactive hand. For example, if you are right-handed, �use your left hand. Turn this into a daily activity: the �effect will be noticeable within the first month. What many people call the sixth sense often develops in those who are forced to develop separate senses. For example, blind people focus on hearing, smell, and skin receptors to sense the space around them. Their brain uses this data to create a map in their mind, which they use when they move. Several times a week, perform everyday tasks with earplugs, walk backwards, or try the game “What's in the box”, when blindfolded you need to determine by touch what objects are in the containers. The brain works better during complex physical exercises-hormones are released that improve memory, speed up the acquisition of new skills, and take care of the health of existing neurons. For example, “in one experiment,” the subjects solved problems. During the break, one group did exercises, and the second rested sitting down. As a result, the sluggards coped worse with the task. Do not rely solely on chess and crossword puzzles, but regularly ” swim, dance, etc. to develop your body in a comprehensive way.” � � � � Include fatty fish, caviar, nuts, fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. Don't be afraid to try out what you dreamed of as a child. New knowledge creates new “neural connections,” protecting the brain from aging. Don't be confused by the age limits: Мекси at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, Mexico was represented in the alpine skiing discipline by �an athlete who first mastered this sport a year earlier — �at the age of 40. Psychologists advise developing positive thinking. Math skills are developed differently in people, but even in adulthood, they can be improved. This has a beneficial effect on memory, and will also be useful for those who are engaged in creative work and music. Significantly improve your memory, increase the amount of knowledge and vocabulary helps reading �in large volumes. Master 1-2 books of different genres per week. Reread the old ones to “overwrite the data”: if you do not access the information for a long time, the brain deletes it from memory. When using Yandex. Navigator for a long time, people gradually forget the location of even the streets that they have walked daily for years. So in London, taxi drivers are required to know the location of 25,000 streets by heart in order to get a work license. Knowing the streets and navigating on maps increases the area of the brain that “orients us in space, eliminates neuroticism, and teaches us” to quickly switch from one strategy to another that is more effective ” in a particular situation. The hormone dopamine causes feelings of pleasure when you eat sweets, drink alcohol, or fall in love. It briefly excites the brain, forcing it to “work hard”, and then reduces its performance, requiring a new “dose”. The hormone serotonin can stimulate the brain for a long time and without damage. �It stands out when you are engaged in self-fulfillment, laughing, or �sharing a favorite activity with a nice person, such as watching a movie �or having lunch. In such cases, you can make an exception to indulge in sweets or good wine together. Spend more time with your friends, travel, meet new people, and try to share the fun with your loved ones.

  10. A :You can't stop. All the time you need to force yourself to think and solve complex tasks. I'm having a real brainstorming session right now. I follow the forex rate http://www.instaforex.com and I really want to learn how to make money from it. I understand that there are no “easy” ways. But I'm ready.

  11. I think that you need to read more knogov and write.in the evenings or in your free time.and even I don't know how to develop my brain and it's hard to answer this question

  12. No ” how ” will help if there is no internal or external incentive to “why”. You will first decide what you need to “develop your brain” for and what you want to achieve by doing so. Maybe you're happy with everything in your brain, but you just read about Hawking and decided to become just as smart.

    If you want to-can't-do need to pump your brain, a stressful situation stimulates your brain like nothing else. Stress more often and look for ways out of hopeless situations, and the brain will have no choice but to evolve. The best situation is when you are sobbing on a chair and don't know what to do.

    Other options, such as:
    – get hired for not the easiest job, in which you are completely new. Like it or not, your brain will have to work hard.
    – enter the university for the second higher education and finish it.
    – start a small business despite the fact that you always thought it wasn't yours. Burn out and stir up again.
    – go to work in another country for half a year or a year.
    – get into a mortgage
    , etc.

  13. We've talked about many great services above, so I'll just limit myself to some useful tips.�

    1) Learn poetry! It broadens your horizons and develops your memory. Allotment of Russian is excellent, poems in other languages help you learn new words and load new grammatical constructions into your memory.

    2) Do something different every day. Choose a slightly different route to work, clap your hands at the sight of blue cars, smile at every fifth person you see, download a new browser or put a new wallpaper on your smartphone. We get used to everything very quickly, and we need to keep the blade of thinking sharp.

    3) Meditate. And there are no deep connections with Eastern philosophy. It is enough to set the timer for 5-10 minutes once a day, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. This helps to relieve your head and opens up that very second wind.

    Now I will say not a very scientific thing, but all these things lead to the formation of new connections between neurons and develop the brain. I've been using these tips myself for about a year now, so I suggest you try it too!

  14. The answer is outrageously simple , it's a shame that you have to press extra letters on the keyboard, so it would fit in 140 characters, develop ! Do not watch TV, but read a book, do not play meaningless video games, take up memory games and logical riddles, do not waste time in vain , and start learning something new that you do not yet know and have not discovered .

  15. The development of the brain occurs due to the development of its cognitive functions:

    • attention points;

    • perceptions;

    • thinking skills;

    • memory and others.

    Good memory and concentration, clear thinking and awareness of your own actions, i.e. self-control-the key to productive brain work. Accordingly, to develop the brain, you need to develop your cognitive abilities.


    This test will test how developed and stress-resistant your brain is

    Sparse and repetitive workouts won't help.

    The most important thing is to develop cognitive abilities constantly. If you approach this question once a month on one “approach”, there will be no result. And you also need to do it in a variety of ways. Our brain quickly gets used to a skill — as soon as it learns it. Therefore, it is inefficient to practice only one thing. �

    One of the options is educational games.

    As a rule, such games are based on scientific methods of studying brain functions. For example, playing board games, solving puzzles, and solving logic problems is great for brain development.

    Online cognitive simulators.

    An alternative is Wikium's online cognitive simulators. They combine scientific methods and comprehensively develop the main cognitive functions of the brain-attention, memory and thinking.

    For example, the simulator ” Warning lights. Overload” is based on the Corsi visual-spatial test. It consists in memorizing the objects being moved and reproducing this algorithm. The use of MRI revealed that this task involves areas of the brain responsible for visual thinking and attention regulation. �

    The perfect balance of game mechanics and science makes Wikium simulators an excellent tool for brain development.

    Or the Schulte table.

    This is one of the most common methods for training attention and memory — cards with a field of 5 by 5 cells, in which numbers from 1 to 25 are randomly written. Task: visually, without marking, find all the numbers in ascending and descending order in the shortest possible time. You can make these cards yourself and train every day, and when the task seems quite easy – complicate it and make the cards 10 by 10 cells.

    Or board games.

    Those in which you need to develop a strategy to win, stimulate thinking. Solving a logical problem in this case involves the processes of objective thinking, activates analytical abilities and the ability to reason. During the game, as a rule, visual-imaginative and visual-effective thinking is involved. We are talking, for example, about chess, and about games for the company like:

    Munchkin and Bang are role-playing games that perfectly develop strategic thinking.

    Imaginarium-подходит suitable for developing associative thinking. This is a game in which you need to come up with associations to unusual pictures out of the box.

    Board games with numbers like Uno are great at training your reaction, and Crocodile is a great game for you. – communication skills. “Scrabble” will help you fill up your vocabulary.

    As a result, a pleasant pastime at the game is very cool to develop the brain.

  16. Why is this question in the top list? There is a lot of information on the Internet, vkontakte is always finding information about this. Yes, and the question is asked in a childish way, the brain performs many functions, it has many departments, and what exactly interests you is clear of course, but to give a detailed answer to this, you need the volume of a book. How to develop your brain? Learn how to use Yandex and Google, see information that the author now apparently does not see directly. Why multiply the same answers and dirty the Internet? There's already a lot of garbage here.

    Although, if you think about it, it looks like an advertisement for a resource, a link to which you can see in the answer above. Anton Pavlov. Neuroscientist. The only answer approved by the author, the only answer in general for all the time of Anton Pavlov.

    You know, I'm not against advertising, but you should like the advertising itself. Not the advertised resource, but the ad itself. And if they don't give a damn about advertising, then the rest of the work, if not better, is not much better.

    Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.

  17. Exercise for the brain is good, but according to modern science, cognitive training allows you to protect and preserve nerve cells in a greater way.�

    To start the process of creating new nerve cells – the process of neurogenesis-you need aerobic exercise: walking, running, skipping rope

    Cognitive training should be combined with physical training, and only then will you not only reproduce new neurons, but also maintain their life.

    It is important to understand that the brain is a part of the body. Just as you can't pump up just one muscle without pumping up others, your brain won't pump up if you work on it alone. �Body health = brain health. �Most of all, the work of the brain affects the work of the heart and intestines. Therefore, it is also important to think about a healthy diet.

    PS: in the attached picture, the black dots are new nerve cells in the hippocampus of passive and running adult rats

  18. Sites where you can train your brain

    http://www.cognifit.com�You can test how well your brain is working, create an individual training program, exercise, and track your progress. Everything is designed beautifully and conveniently. The main disadvantage is that the free version of the site is quite limited.

    http://www.mnemonica.ru This site greets us with the phrase: “There are no people with bad memory. There are people who don't know how to use it.” By performing simple exercises, you can develop memory, gain skills in memorizing numbers, words and texts, develop attention and imaginative thinking. The site also has small articles with useful tips.

    http://www.happymozg.ru On the site, you can test your memory and take part in online training of attention, concentration, reaction and other brain functions using programs and games. There is a detailed theoretical part that tells you what the brain is and how to keep it in good condition.

    petruchek.info Here are some well-known puzzle games that are easy to run online to stretch your brain.

    uplift.io The games posted on this site are designed to train memory, speed, flexibility of thinking, and computational skills. Before you start training, you will need to determine the capabilities of the mind that you want to develop first. This will determine the choice of exercises for training.

    fitnessbrain.ru Another site with logic games, puzzles, exercises for developing memory and puzzles for developing mindfulness. The motto is “Pump your brain”.

    http://www.zanimatika.ru On the website “Entertaining pedagogy” there is an interesting test, after passing which, you can determine the age of your brain.

    s-mind.ru This is a website about the capabilities of the human brain and the development of intelligence. Here they talk about how our head works, how everything works there, and give tips on how to speed up this work. For example, there is an article “How to improve short-term memory”, logic puzzles, and much more.

    chisloboi.ru An online game designed to improve your score speed. There are several modes: training, where no time is counted; marathon – you need to answer 20 questions as quickly as possible; error-free, where the game lasts as much as two minutes, but you can not make a single mistake, and others.

    litlbetr.ru In the “Shape of the Mind” section, the site offers various fun exercises and puzzles to train your memory, attention, imagination, speed and flexibility of the mind. You can also just have fun – for example, there is a funny puzzle “Seed”, where you lose the logic of what is happening somewhere on the fifth or sixth step.

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  1. You can develop your brain not only mentally! Fine motor skills are the same brain development. Playing the piano or guitar. As well as sports: roller skates, ice skates, snowboards, and equestrian sports-they teach balance and basic movement. When learning a new sport, it is very healthy to form neural connections in the head, sometimes for years. Some people find snowboarding easier (especially the brain, but not the muscles), while others find it very difficult. But in the end, neural connections are formed and usually last for life (as well as the ability to ride a bicycle)

  2. Option number one and it is also the most important: drink herbal tea compositions aimed at improving the functioning of the brain. Don't you eat every day? So the brain can be pumped-daily! It is advanced Phyto collections that are drunk, for example, by billionaires.

    How to make this kind of herbal tea yourself-see the mini-course of our online School “PERFECT BRAIN”.

  3. There are a lot of ways, I will list those that I like:

    1. We read books and / or articles on various topics (but preferably those related to your business)
    2. Learning new languages
    3. Watch a useful video (there is enough of it on YouTube right now)
    4. We do sports
    5. We play logic games like: Minesweeper, 2048, sudoku, mahjong
    6. We do sports
  4. Dietary supplements for the brain are biologically active supplements that are necessary to fill the lack of useful substances. The functions of the central nervous system and the functioning of the brain depend on the availability and composition of these substances, amino acids and vitamins.

    Their deficiency immediately affects human activity. Nutritional supplements for the brain stimulate the functioning of the brain, and make up for the lack of food for the brain.

    In the article https://www.pamyatinet.ru/dlya-pamyati-mozga/bady-dlya-pamyati-i-raboty-mozga.html you can read about these dietary supplements.

  5. Brain development is more often understood as the creation of new neural connections, although few people suspect this 🙂

    Reading new books, interesting articles, constantly learning something new about the world around you, historical events, scientific discoveries, and so on. To train your brain, you can start learning poems of different lengths and complexity, solve puzzles and riddles, maybe try sudoku or Japanese crosswords, you can have fun with optical illusions, just be careful with your vision 🙂 You can try new hobbies – drawing (even if it doesn't work out too well, why not?), writing – even keeping a diary counts. Learn new languages, new words, and more.

    If the brain constantly receives new information, but not just like that, but also deliberate-it will develop.

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