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  1. Learn to play the guitar or write with the “non-leading hand” and you will learn to play the guitar or write with the “non-leading hand”. Actually, this is where the visible results end. Your question, as I understand it, is based on an outdated version of the concept of interhemispheric asymmetry (left-hemisphere logicians and right-hemisphere visionaries – no matter how beautiful they sound, they do not relate to reality). The advantages for the brain of this activity are not that dubious, but not experimentally proven. It is much more useful in this sense to learn another language-there you and the whole brain will work at once, and the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease will decrease.

  2. The main thing – do not take the example of one of the four that are on the avatar of the author of the previous answer: take a guitar and learn to play it, but the neck should be on your left. And if the neck is on the right, then you will be like McCartney and you will never develop your left hand.

  3. The point will be that you will develop your second brain hemisphere, well, and become more developed in some sense. As for how to develop: Do all the usual things not with your right hand, but with your left hand, i.e., for example, try eating with your left hand, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and finally writing. At first, it will not be familiar and will turn out badly, but if you want to learn, then you will cope with everything!

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