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  1. Try taking a different route to school or work. Write with a different hand than usual. Naturally, this will not make you any smarter, but it will increase the number of neural connections, and maybe even slightly shift your thinking.

  2. The easiest way to develop thinking is to analyze your own (and not only) ideas about the world, and reject erroneous ones. Take any of your opinions and try to find out why you hold them. If you are honest with yourself, you will find that there is no reasonable basis for so many opinions. �A huge number of our opinions are based on someone's random words (which for some reason were remembered, liked and / or expressed by someone authoritative for you) �and nothing else. These are extremely shaky foundations – and you can't build your own picture of the world on them. The best way to get smarter is to make your ideas about the world as accurate as possible. Check the reasons for your judgments, and also check what your opinions give you – do they allow you to get data about what will happen or not? If not (and your opinion does not allow you to predict anything), then this opinion is most often useless and even harmful.

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