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  1. As far as I know, libraries in Russia are still free. Education (its basic stages), too. Sports can also be done without any special material costs. So far, not all smart and interesting people charge money for communicating with them.

    In general, all roads are open! It remains only to admit to yourself that the whole thing is not in the lack of money, but in your own huge laziness.

  2. Self-development does not always require money, but you should have the mental strength not to give up all this difficult business as soon as you start.

    1. Discipline yourself. Learn, for example, to immediately carefully hang your clothes in the closet, rather than put them on a chair, or wash the dishes immediately after eating. Think about your punctuality, too. Maybe it needs a little work, too? Discipline makes us more organized, so we can manage our time better.

    2. Trite, but read it. We know enough about the benefits of reading – it replenishes vocabulary, improves brain function, helps to cope with depression and insomnia. If you don't have time for voluminous works, then read short stories on the way to school/work.�

    3. Take time not only for your spiritual development, but also for your physical development. To play sports, you don't have to spend money on purchasing a gym membership. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that are up to 20 minutes long with excellent cardio workouts. Turn on the video, stand in front of the PC screen and repeat after your remote trainer.

    4. Improve your memory. To do this, there are many techniques – memorizing phone numbers and poems, solving various puzzles and logic problems, and doing needlework. But remember that you need to start with the simplest and easiest.�

    5. If you live in a city that provides an opportunity to attend some cultural events, then do it. Find out where some free exhibitions or lectures are held, and find out what days museums can be visited completely free of charge. You will diversify your cultural life and learn something new.

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