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  1. You should proceed with simple steps. First you need to draw a horse. A horse consists of four legs, a torso, a head, a mane, and a tail. Each foot ends in a hoof (like human fingernails, but more like a cup-shaped shoe). The body is oval (or bean-shaped). The ponytail is similar to what girls do with long hair with an elastic band on the back of the head: it is not for nothing that this hairstyle is called a “ponytail”. The mane is a long coat of horse or unicorn hair that grows in a single line and is similar to hair – there are bangs, and then the line goes to the neck. On the head of the horse there are two ears, triangular in shape and sticking up, large eyes with eyelashes and a long muzzle-nose. Now that a horse is drawn, you can draw a magic twisted horn on its nose in any magic color – and magic! “there's the unicorn.

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