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  1. First, you need to understand that your thoughts and emotions are not a problem that needs to be solved. Obvious attempts to get rid of thoughts only drag you into the cycle.

    In such cases, mindfulness practice(a set of formal and non-formal meditations) can help.

    Meditation is a training of attention, in fact.

    Formal – setting aside time and space for the purpose of, for example, monitoring your breathing.

    Non-formal – involvement in a process that is usually routine. Do every action consciously, follow the details.

    From the literature, I can recommend Mark Williams “Mindfulness”

  2. “Diary of negativity”.

    I use it myself and often advise everyone.�

    Just take a notebook and (preferably by hand) write out all the fears, resentments, fears, anger, irritation, you can just popolivat someone with shit, write down the worst development of events, etc… and so on from day to day until such or such a thought does NOT disappear, but stops “itching”, bother.

    But no more than a month, otherwise you can start to focus too much on this very negative, or under the supervision of a therapist.

    Common advice is to fill yourself up with work, this is a sad neurotic delusion that pushes back, and then reinforces these very thoughts, destroying a person's life.

  3. My work helps me. Or a hobby. When you take on a big responsibility, all thoughts are shifted in this direction. In any case, for the time being. And, since a person spends the lion's share of time at work, very little time will be devoted to other thoughts.

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