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  1. In addition to the obvious advice of “go to bed with at least 8 hours of sleep”, you can also try to change your sleep conditions

    • put in a humidifier

    • sleep with the window open

    • try experimenting with the rigidity of the bed

    • eat more or less before going to bed

    • try sleeping in other places

    In general, experimentally try to identify what is so much spoils life

  2. Go to bed at the rate of at least 6-8 hours of sleep + use smart alarm clocks (Sleep as Android, Sleep cycle apps). They allow you to track the phases of your sleep and wake you up at the right moment, making it easier to wake up. In the second one, there is also the function of intelligent “nuespyatminutochek”, that is, it gradually reduces the intervals of “postponement”, and you are guaranteed to wake up.

    1. You need a sufficient amount of melatonin – this is at least 2 hours of walking in the afternoon.

    2. Go to bed at least 2 hours before astronomical midnight.

    3. No light or noise during sleep.

    4. Physical activity 2 hours before bedtime

    5. Absence of informational pathogens at least 1 hour before bedtime.

    6. Limit caffeine intake 4-6 hours before bedtime.

    7. Wake up at sunrise or maximum 1 hour after sunrise.

    8. Feels like: once or twice a week, getting 10 or more hours of sleep.

  3. I can't challenge the position of the owl in one of the previous answers, because I didn't manage to get positive emotions from this mode of the day, just as I won't say the opposite. The experience of Sovism was extremely negative. Square head, downed food, reluctance to do anything at all. Lie down, eat gingerbread and watch movies. It was much cooler to go to bed and get up early. Therefore, from my own bell tower, and the information that helped me in this, I will list:
    – Activity during the day. Get tired during the day. Chase the blood. Move your body. If the work is sedentary, take breaks for gymnastics. The body must live. Breathe, move, renew. Without our help, it will be hard for him.
    – Early rise. Sometimes it is necessary. As a starting point to enter the mode. I don't approve of alarm clocks after learning about their harmful effects and waking up without them for some time. But here, perhaps, there is no way without them. Another point is that you need to hold out until the evening without falling asleep in the middle of the day-because this will prevent you from falling asleep in the evening, and you will go to bed at night or in the morning.
    – Hang up at the right time. The correct time is when the body produces melatonin. Quote from Wikipedia: “The synthesis and secretion of melatonin depend on the illumination — excess light reduces its formation, and a decrease in illumination increases the synthesis and secretion of the hormone.” I.e., depending on the solar cycle, the sleep cycle is also built. This is called the circadian rhythm. Average “per hospital” (for my hospital) this is 21-22 hours. If you lie down at this time, the chances of recovering during the night are much greater. Rumor has it that basic mental and bodily functions are restored from 22:00 to 02:00. If the day started early, you were active during the day, and in the evening you reduced your nervous activity and made the music quieter and the light darker-most likely, going to bed will not be a problem. This is more important than the number of hours of sleep. The number of hours of sleep varies from person to person, and there are many examples of people who get very little sleep and are extremely efficient at it. Often, these are people of a high spiritual level, I think that this is due to special hygiene of the mind and body, a certain asceticism in everything, i.e. a high level of recovery at night + competent energy consumption during the day.
    – A harmonious day. Everyone has a need for different types of interaction with the world, and often work responsibilities eat up time at the expense of rest, meeting friends, body activity, reading books, and so on. The desire to “extend the day” when the clock is already deep midnight is, as I understand it, dissatisfaction with the day spent. When you can still calmly and without a bursting phone to watch kinzo, expand your horizons in the VK feed, pozalipat on YouTube… The message is clear – there is no question of a quality holiday. There are no more forces for active recreation, and everyone is sleeping around – you can't play the drums) It's lucky if the night is cool and intense, but I'm sure that many people have everything reduced to self-decomposition in front of the monitor. I don't generalize, but there are such statistics. Therefore, allocate space at a reasonable time for work, for self-development, for” spitting on the ceiling”, and for hanging out – creativity – hobbies – anything, and you will not have to go to bed with an inflamed conscience that the day was in vain. Live your day in a way that makes you happier. I have heard the topic that a person's sleep can be subconsciously interpreted as death – that is, a person's sleep can be unconsciously interpreted as death. you can apply all the same “rules of life” – every day as the last, adjusted for lights out according to the schedule)
    – Power supply. I am sure that recovery is just as important for the digestive tract as for the psyche and muscles. It is harmful to be stuck with a lot of food at night, incomplete digestion at night only leads to poisoning of the blood with decay products. This entails heavy lifting with a square head – rotten food is already plowing through the vastness of the vessels of your brain. Yes, digestion is underway, but it is not designed for half a kilo of meat and potatoes. There is a huge topic here, and only an experiment can tell you what you can eat before going to bed. Moreover, at least two hours in advance.
    – Peace, quiet, air. Provide yourself with everything you need to sleep in advance. Comfortable temperature, fresh air supply, silence, lack of light. Help melatonin by making the lights at home quieter after 18-00. I even have the backlight of the button from the monitor at night creates such illumination in the room-as if I'm at a disco. Turn off all electronics, turn off WiFi. If you think that an emitter that can upload an entire movie to your device doesn't affect you with its waves, you're wrong. Read about bees and cellular communication – this is the first bell. It's not just that people go to nature for a good rest – there is a hundred times less wave background. Let your friends who like to call you in the middle of the night know that you are resting at this time. Before going to bed, sum up the day in a positive way, calm your conscience, thank yourself and the universe for another little adventure. Pee before going to bed so you don't have to run around in the middle of the night. Peace be with you!)
    Result. IMHO, when I went to bed at 21-22, on an empty stomach, in a calm state, having spent a varied and eventful day the day before – I was raised at 4-5 in the morning, without any alarms, without a headache and “still lying around”. The day ahead was a long, long one, even if I went to bed at 21. Whether due to a certain mental state in the morning, or it is still unclear why, in the morning you can do 80% of things quickly and without distraction. Much has been written about this on the Internet. Subjectively, time is very stretched. Productivity +, the mood from seeing the sunrise +, the time to make a delicious breakfast-plus, in general, some pluses. All of the above was tested by me personally, I drew information from the Internet and books. You have to get used to it, it's a whole complex – but it's also very cool.

  4. Well, I'll tell you about supplements.

    Melatonin – 5-10 mg.

    Aspirin – 50 mg.

    Aminalon – 0.5 g.

    This is all half an hour before bedtime. But only if the load is really strong. In the morning – adaptogens: aralia, leucea, eoeuterrock, lemongrass – a teaspoon per glass of water (one of them). Mildronate – 1 g per day.

  5. As a person who goes to bed much later than the astronomical midnight, or rather shortly before dawn, and is not going to change this, I will say:

    1. open curtains, blinds, etc. – in a dark room, it is absolutely impossible to wake up, even if the alarm clock is ringing under your ear;

    2. If you can't go to bed and get up “properly” (let's not forget about individual biorhythms), go to bed and get up at the same time. let's say I go to bed at 3-4 in the morning and get up at 10.30-11.30. wrong from the doctor's point of view – but I get up without any problems;

    3. put a bottle of water near the bed or water with lemon – in the morning oh, how refreshing;

    4. ventilate until bedtime or sleep with the window open;

    5. Personally, I read for an hour and a half at night and half an hour in the morning – an orderly literary text helps me relax and, conversely, concentrate.

  6. From my point of view, all these tips are bad because they do not reveal the obvious truth: it is not possible to get enough sleep a priori. You can't sleep all the way through, because you'll ALWAYS feel overwhelmed and sleepy trying to do that. And what do I suggest? The desire to get enough sleep develops the habit of postponing the alarm clock, and not getting up “at the first call”, and this is an extremely bad habit, which again leads to drowsiness,irritability and difficulty waking up. And what do I suggest? Get up on the first call. To make getting up easier, you need to make something very tasty for tomorrow, because our brain is already used to the fact that getting up in the morning is always unpleasant,and you need to interrupt it with something delicious.we've already written about sleep hygiene. It's as simple as that, really.

  7. Eleutherococcus tincture helps me.

    This natural stimulant, which is obtained from the plant of the same name, can be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy. There are pills (I do not approve because of a bunch of unnecessary dyes and preservatives) more expensive, there are just tablets, and there is in liquid form (ideal, in my opinion, option, because in the composition of only juice from the rhizome and costs within 50 rubles).

    I dilute a very small dose in water, as a result, I “peck my nose” only before ingestion and for another five minutes after, then drowsiness is removed as if by hand.

    However, it should be borne in mind that any stimulant increases energy consumption and if you overdo it with the dosage, a strong decline in strength will occur in a few hours. So, perhaps, you should have a big snack. Ideally, this is some kind of dish with complex carbohydrates, they give a constant flow of energy as they are absorbed.

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